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XERJOFF: 1888 EDP, Star Musk and Amber Star Limited Edition

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The renowned brand, Xerjoff, will be launching three new amazing perfumes this year. Three of them match the high standards that were set by the previous products of this brand. The perfume will be in markets in the start of December (but as limited edition).


The first one is named as 1888 Eau de Parfum (1888 EDP) and is a part of the Casamorati 1888 collection. According to the PR-Manager Anastasia Sheveleva, the idea of EDP 1888 lies in the archives of Casamorati. The actual formula was never made public and therefore unique materials and technology were used to produce it. It is a floral, multi-layered, spicy perfume having classical proportions and forms. The smell could be traced back to Jean Patou, Houbigant, or Guerlain. Upon application, one would experience the smell of spicy powdered clove at first, followed by an undying, graceful and loaded flowery cord of rose and neroli.
The other two perfumes are Star Musk and Amber Star which are available together in a single luxury box. You could wear them together or separately depending on your cup of tea. Even those who are not usually comfortable with mixing of fragrances would for sure consider Musk and Amber to be an exception. Both of them are unisex perfumes and do not follow the convention that ambergris is for men while musk is for women. Both are EDP and an oily trace is left on the skin after application.

XERJOFF Star Musk, and Amber Star Limited Edition
Star Musk is quite soft having a light touch of honey. It starts with the sweet floral smell but soon reaches an effeminate and relaxed form.
Amber Star opens with a soft and loving smell of ylang-ylang flowers mixed with sandalwood and a trace of benzoin and myrrh. The sweet smell of vanilla and mesmerizing smell of raindrops and Indian Attar Mitti complete it. It’s best when applied onto the sleeves and above the wrist.

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