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With You by Sergio Tachhini – A New Fragrance For Her

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SERGIO TACCHINI has recently launched a new fragrance With You for her, it comes with full product range which includes body lotion and shower gel, Below is what ST has to say about there new fragrance
with you – perfume for her

Of course we have our differences, but ask us what’s the secret of our style, and we’ll all say the same: Sergio Tacchini. The essence of Italian chic, it’s our go-to label for the look we love: cool, casual, trendy but not try-too-hard. And guess what? We have a new fragrance that follows us everywhere, turning heads with its flair and femininity.


With You is described as fruity-floral perfume which has top notes of pink grape fruit and rose. It comes in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml Eau de Toilette packing with other products like shower gel and body lotion.

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