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Why Do Perfumes Smell Different on Different People?

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our skin’s chemical composition changes as we undergo different phases in life and the surrounding environment like stress, medications, dietary patterns, and hormonal changes.
The skin we all live in is a complex mixture of components which react differently when exposed to perfume. These components of our skin include water, fatty acids, sugars, salts, fats, fibers, proteins, and hair. On the application of perfume, each component binds with the perfume in a different way and releases a unique aroma. The resulting smell is an aftermath of perfume evaporating from all these components which makes it our very own identity.

In addition to the chemical composition of our skin, the resulting aroma after application of perfume is also heavily dependent on the quantity of perfume applied and environmental factors which effect its evaporation like heat and humidity. The smell of your perfume will also depend on where you are. People will smell differently with the same perfume when they are indoors in a closed room than when they are in their backyards, in a forest, shop or a cinema.
The receptors in our nose respond to chemicals in perfumes to sense the odor. A study indicates that receptors vary by about 30% among people hence providing another answer to why we sense different smells of the same perfume applied on different people. These observations were made by American scientists who discovered the fact that we all experience odors in different ways. Their study indicated that due to the changing nature of receptors in our nose, the same smell might seem to be quite strong and stingy to one while being mild or pleasant to the other. I hope you get it now that Why Do Perfumes Smell Different on Different People?

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