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What Are Top, Middle, and Base Notes?

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To describe a scent, help of notes is taken in the world of perfumery which can be sensed after the application of perfume. Perfume notes are classified as top or head notes, middle or heart notes and base notes. This classification is because of the scents which are sensed after the application of the same perfume after certain intervals of time. One note may be dominant on the others to change the perception of a perfume.

After a perfume has been applied to your skin, the first scent impression is regarded as its top note. The scent of top notes generally last for about 5 to 30 minutes and is lighter in aroma. Top notes compromise of small and light molecules of fragrance with evaporate quickly giving instant sense of smell. The top notes for any perfume is highly essential as generally it is the most common factor in selling the brand. Citrus and ginger are common top notes.

Middle notes of a perfume come into play just before the top note evaporates. Also known as the heart note of a perfume, the middle note is recognized by a perfume’s scent in the middle of its evaporation process. Lavender and rose are commonly used for middle notes and appear usually after about two minutes to one hour after the application of perfume.

When a scent is departing its wearer, the base notes are sensed. Base notes combine with the middle notes to give the main theme to any perfume. Base notes compromise of large and head molecules of fragrance elements which evaporate slowly and are not recognized will after 30 minutes of perfume application. Perfumes of good brands and higher concentration generally allow detection of base notes even after 24 hours of application. Musk is an example of base notes.

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