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What Are The Fragrance Families?

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In the fragrance industry, scents of related features are grouped together into fragrance families. There are seven fragrance families in all and cause confusion even in the most seasoned fragrance professionals. Fragrance families cannot be determined by the perfume’s notes but are classified based on their olfactory groups and dominant characteristics. A fragrance is classified into a fragrance family mainly due to its heart notes.
Fougere is one of the most famous fragrance family for men and contain scents like Lavender and Oakmoss. The name of this family is derived from a French word meaning fern and was first used by a brand named Fougere Royale. Popular brands of this family also include Cool Water by Davidoff, Jazz by YSL and Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren.

The Floral family is popular in feminine fragrances and scents are inspired from a bouquet of flowers. Scents of some flowers compliment others in this family but can also be comprise of only one flower. The floral scents are less popular in the masculine category but have a history of being used in popular male brands like Aqua Lavanda by Puig and Incense by Givenchy. In the feminine category, popular floral brands are Channel No 19, AnaisAnais by Cacharel and Charlie by Revlon.

Oriental scents are appreciate by both male and female and contain ingredients like Vanilla and Tonka bean which make them spicy, warm and sweet to smell. Another popular choice in this family is Sandalwood.

The Chypre family consists of woody and mossy notes. This family is named after the feminine fragrance by Coty in the year 1917. Examples of this family include Givenchy Gentleman and FendiUomo for men, and Chanel’s Cuir de Russe for women.

Other popular fragrance families include the Marine family which comprises of scents giving a sense of sea air and the Citrus family which includes citrus scents

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