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What are Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum & Eau De Colognes?

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In the perfume industry, an explanation was needed by marketers for the customers to let them know how much actual perfume is contained in the bottle. The concentration of perfume essences was a major factor in determining the price as it also had a significant impact on how long the scent lasts. After all, why would a customer buy a bottle which is expensive but has a higher ratio of non-fragrant solvents? The answer came in the classification of perfumes into Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Cologne depending on their respective levels of concentration.

The general strength of any fragrance is dependent on its formulation. The concentration of difference essences used while making the perfume classifies the same perfume in categories like Perfume Extrait, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne.

Perfume Extract (or extrait) has the highest levels of concentration and is expensive due to this. With a typical concentration level of 20%, this kind of fragrance is sold only in top class fragrance families. Concentrations of fragrance elements in this category vary from 15% to 40% which make it last longer than others.

Eau de Parfum (also known as Parfum de Toilette) has the next highest concentration level with ranges varying from 10% to 20% with 15% being the typical level used by most brands in this category. This level of strength of fragrance elements is expensive to have and preferred by the most upper class households. This is also the concentration level by choice of the best brands in the world of fragrance.

Eau de Toilette has a concentration level of below 10% and is quite common in departmental stores around the world due to being less expensive. Being affordable, it is used by many who appreciate the need to smell great to impress others.

Eau de colognes have concentration levels from 3% to 8% and are typically used as after shaves. They usually include citrus notes and are considered to have a light and fresh effect on its wearer.

I hope now you guys know that what are Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum & Eau De Colognes?

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