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Salvador Dali Holiday Deal – New Fragrances

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Salvador Dali will present another breath taking fragrance for females, DaliA, in March 2014. But before this main edition, Salvador Factice Geant, Itislove Factice Geant, and Dali Classic Factice Geant will be launched. Upon the purchase of either one of them, an empty 50 ml (30 cm high) flacon will be gifted to you.
Dali Classic is contained in a dark glass bottle. A transparent glass bottle with frozen glass lips is used for Itislove. Salvador has a brown bottle which has curves on its rim and embellishment of engravings on it.

Salvador Dali Holiday Offer
Monaco, Belgium, and France residence can purchase it online, the prices being 195 EUR, 150 EUR, and 150 EUR for Dali Classic Factice Geant, Itislove Factice Geant, and Salvador Factice Geant respectively. Purchasing the perfume from their official website between 15th November 2013 and 7th January 2014 (in case where purchase is above 50 EUR) will win you a gift of 15 ml bottle in green, orange, or yellow color with Laguna, Lovely Kiss, and Dallisime fragrance.

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