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Oliver & Co Nebulae Series – The Smell of Deep Space

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It’s said that inspiration can be found anywhere and this Spanish perfumer Oliver Valverde has proved it right when he presented his perfume collection Nebulae Series at the Pitti Fragranze 2013 exhibition. These fragrances are inspired by deep space.
Orion Nebula
Oliver Valverde while talking to Serguey Borisov said that he started Nebulae project 18 months ago when he decided to create a perfume of Cosmos Space. He added that space perfumes are not easy to make.

Nebulae Series by Oliver – Space Perfume

Nebulas will be available in two different aromas in cold and warm colors. below are the notes that are used in both perfumes.
Nebula 1 Notes: White musk, Woody notes, Tolu balsam, Synthetic castoreum, Storax absolute, Siam benzoin, Vanilla absolute, Red champaca, Yellow champaca, Rose, Red fruits, Neroli, Petitgrain, Orange blossom absolute, Bitter orange, Star anise, Violet, Saffron, Artemisia, Bitter Orange, Jasmin, Davana, Lavender, Rose Grapefruit.
I am very experimental, maybe because I’m a self-taught perfumer. I love to discover new materials, being inspired by them to create new accords and by that I do my self-development. I am wandering in the process of creation. I have smelled a lot of naturals and synthetics to find those notes that smelled closest to the nebula colors

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