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How to Apply Perfume?

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We all wear perfumes in one way or the other. For most of us it’s a part of our daily routine and we don’t go out until we have spritz on our favorite perfume. Quite a good habit and there is nothing wrong in it. But the concern of our today’s article is do you really know how to apply perfume? Yes, there is a right and the wrong way. You may have the most luxurious perfume and yet the way you wear can literally ruin it. So don’t waste perfumes further and learn how to properly utilize them. You might also want your perfumes to last longer and we have a guide about that as well.
The first tip or step of applying perfume correctly is to take a shower beforehand. Now this may seem absurd at some point because you cannot take a shower each time you want to spritz on a perfume but we meant in the morning sense, when we often get ready and pamper ourselves for the day. When our body is moist the perfume gets absorbed more quickly and will stay for longer period of time too. Even if you want to ditch the shower just take a fragrance free lotion and rub it on the points of the body where you want to apply the perfume. This will hydrate the skin.

Often you will hear or read that perfume should be applied on the pulse points of the body. Ok, this statement is settled in our minds but what are exactly the pulse points? Pulse points are those locations where heat is emitted a bit more in comparison to the remaining body parts and thus they help in diffusing the perfume better. Common pulse points are the wrists, behind the ear, and cleavage. You can also apply perfume on your calves and back of knees too.
how to apply perfume

A caution here is when you apply the perfume on your wrists, don’t rub them together. Why is that so? You are not breaking down the molecular structure of the perfume as that is not possible by human hands. But what actually happens is that the friction increases upon rubbing between the perfume and your natural oils of the skin which in turn can actual distort the original perfume applied. (The smell can change). So just apply it and let it dry on its own.

There is nothing wrong in spritzing some of your favorite perfume on your hair, the smell will linger on for quite a while and if the occasion is special, we would recommend you doing this because who doesn’t like awesome smelling hair?
Woman smelling perfume on her wrist

Another way which you may have come across is spritzing the perfume in the air and then walking through it. Well to be honest here, we don’t think it actually does that much for you and you are actually wasting your precious liquid so avoid this method.

Last but not the least; please don’t over-do the application of the perfume. You don’t want people to stay at a distance from you just because you smell like a perfume shop, just one spritz on each point and that’s enough.

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