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How Long Can I Keep My Perfume Before It “Turns”

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Your perfume will last much longer if it is stored properly. Properly stored perfumes can last for one to several years without needing to be replaced. Perfume should be kept away from light and heat by storing it in dark areas like a closet or a covered box. Perfumes should not be exposed directly to air as it causes evaporation taking away some of the key elements responsible to provide it with top and middle notes. By taking these precautions, even a bottle which has been opened will preserve its scent for a long time as long it is well stored.
Good bottles to store perfumes comprise of aluminum and perfume lasts better if stored at temperatures between 3 to 7 degrees centigrade. For minimizing the level of air and oxygen interfering with the fragrance elements, spray dispensers are a better choice than storage flasks as it is not possible to entirely remove oxygen from the headspace of the latter. Using spray bottles, the fragrance is isolated inside the bottle which prevents mixing with skin, dust and detritus all of which have negative effects on the perfume quality.

So the next time you purchase a perfume you really want to keep with you for a long time, just make sure you don’t display it on the top of your dressing table as it will be exposed to light and air. And you also would not want to keep it in your car or even your steamy bathroom or else the heat will corrupt its scent leaving behind a changed fragrance which will be different than what you originally bought.

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