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Hermes – Limited Editions Perfumes for Holidays 2013

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Like every year, the house of Hermes have got amazing limited editions of d’Hermes, Eau des Merveilles, and 24 Faubourg which promise an alluring fragrance and a quality composition. This article is all about what these attractive bottles have in them this year. Recently Salvador Dali also released their Holiday Deals.

Available as 50ml and 100ml Eau De Toilette, this limited edition of Terre d’Hermes as an undying composition which begins with grapefruit and orange and soon blends into the heart of pelagomium and pepper that lie on a base of vetiver, benzoin, cedar, and patchouli. The earth and the sky are the inspiration behind this fragrance. The bottle has silver rectangles and squares connected vertically in a network symbolizing the connection between the sky and the earth.
The fragrance has been there for 9 years now and various editions have been launched in the past, each having its own amazing fragrance and beautiful bottles in which they were contained. As expected, 2013 edition is no less than the previous ones. This year, they have introduced the liquid in a transparent bottle made of glass which has warm orange shades in its bottom. Silver diverging lines from the centre symbolize a source of light and thus optimism and freshness. It is available in 100ml Eau Di Toilette and can be purchased for $136 from Bloomingdales. The fragrance opens up with lemon, orange and elimi which leads to a heart of pink pepper, amber, pepper and violet that dry into a base of cedar, moss, vetiver, and fir tree.
This amazing golden-yellow liquid is contained in a glass bottle with golden chains printed on it. It illustrates strength together with delicacy that is reflected by the composition of the perfume. The 100 ml EDP is available at the price of $169 at Bloomingdales. The fragrance starts with hyacinth, bergamot, peach, orange, and ylang ylang which blend with orange blossom, iris, jasmine, black elder, and gardenia to form a heart. The base is made up of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.

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