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Best Perfumes For Women in 2014

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New Year brings up new fashion trends, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, or perfumes. Perfumes are worn by most of the people for obvious reasons. We all want to smell nice and this is the reason each one of us has our own favorite perfumes. Some ladies go for the fruity ones while there are others who are more inclined to the flowery notes and yet a group likes the seductive and musky ones. Today we thought of helping out our ladies a little bit and compiled this list of perfumes which will be the best perfumes for women in the year 2014. See which one suits your taste and liking and make sure you pick a bottle of it in 2014. Ok, no more talking of here and there and let’s get to the point.
Here we go:

This perfume can be said to be a very romantic one and it is the one reason it is preferred by many women everywhere. If you have a date night then this perfume can be the perfect choice and it suits all age groups, don’t fall for the name. The flowery blend with a touch of woody notes will highlight the sensual side of any lady. We think it will remain a favorite of ladies in the year 2014 as well.

Ok, this perfume from Calvin Klein is probably an iconic perfume by now and we will also all agree that CK has quite good perfumes at affordable rates. Most of us must have tried it out for once or at the least, know how it smells. Everything about Euphoria for Women is unique in its own way, even the bottle. Though, not a new entry in the market of perfumes, but it will be still one of the top perfumes for women in the year 2014. They also release Endless Euphoria this year for women. An elixir of amber, black wood, orchids, and pomegranate can accompany you in any gathering. It’s all-rounder!

If you are into sensuality (which we all are at one point or the other), and like perfumes which make you smell like this, then by now you must own a bottle of Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari. If we can describe it in three words then we will say: dark, delicate, and sensual. The woody-floral combination with jasmine being in the front is a favorite for many which make it one of the top perfumes for women 2014. Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari is in the favorite-perfume-list of many celebrities as well!

To all the bold and daring ladies out there, Guilty by Gucci was created just for you. For those who are not afraid to take chances and enjoy them in every way, this perfume is on the top in their favorite’s list. Guilty for Women demands a good attention and it will never fail you. It’s floral yet sexy at the same time in its own way. A must have in the year 2014 as best perfume for women.

When we talk about perfumes, or classy perfumes to be more precise, then there is no way Chanel 5 can’t be in the list. Since 192 when it first entered the market, Channel No 5 till date make women fall for it with the same devotion. This perfume is marked as the all-time classic favorite so how cannot it be a favorite in 2014? It’s an elegant blend of rose and jasmine, a light and fresh perfume which represents femininity and delicacy in every possible way and this is also the top seller fragrance of 2013.

As the name suggests, this perfume is Addictive and yes we love it. The bottle is plain simple but the liquid inside will “woo” you away (and the people around you *wink*). The bold and sensual perfume will force you to be confident with your actions and will make your presence noticeable where ever you go. There are few different versions available of this perfume as Dior tends to change the formula from time to time but the base is almost the same. This is still a sexy entry in the list of perfumes for women in 2014 no matter how old and typical you call it. It’s also listed in our list of best winter perfumes.

What do you get when you do a search for the most sensational and flirtiest perfumes for ladies of all time? Coco by Chanel! Believe us; no perfume can beat this classy one! If there is one perfume which you can buy then buy this with your eyes closed as it stands second to none, men cannot resist it in any way. It’s super feminine and can’t get any more lady-like. Coco by Chanel is a perfect choice for 2014 and forever.

With top notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, black current, citrus, and black truffle, and heart of spicy notes, this perfume holds a major position when women perfumes are discussed. Don’t take it as a typical orchid, it’s much more than that and can only be known if you use this perfume yourself. The bottle itself is a style statement.

If you want a Disco Ball like bottle of fragrance on your dressing then think no more and get Flash by Jimmy Choo this year. The juice in the bottle is lavender based and it is created with a mind of the fun people have in London night life. For a touch of craziness and sensuality at the same time, make sure you have this bottle with you in the year 2014.

This perfume is not only classy but has a classy story behind its creation too. It is a tribute to Shah-Jahan and his wife Mumtaz and their heart touching love story. This is an oriental perfume, complex, hard to define, yet so mesmerizing that once you get a whiff of it, there is no turning back. Created back in 1925, Shalimar still sits on the top of the list when women perfumes are discussed. Having heard this, do we still need to explain how good this perfume really is?

This feminine perfume is a signature perfume of many ladies all around the world. Different versions have been introduced and all end up with being extremely seductive and sexy. An all time favorite and will be in the year 2014 since there is no way poison is getting out of competition, it has made its name in solid letters in the list of best perfumes for women in 2014.

Opium falls in the category of those perfumes which are a bit high-end. With a price tag of around $269, this is a cult favorite of all the classy ladies out there. This perfume represents a class. It has a very earthy tone to it, simple yet opulent. Major ingredients include amber, patchouli, jasmine, and lily. These natural components make this perfume a must in the list of outstanding perfumes for women for the year 2014. Did we mention that opium, in simple words, means an addictive scented drug? Yves Saint Laurent chose the word perfectly for this perfume, because this is what it actually is.

The year 2014 will see some tough competition when we talk about best perfumes for women because Beyoncé will be launching a new one in the year with the name Rise. The perfume is based on her song “Rise” from the animated movie epic. The perfume has the spirit to make the women feel great the way they are. Centered on the notes of orchids this will surely make its mark. The crown cap of the bottle is enough to make any women a queen in her own, Beyoncé did it again!

Isn’t the name of the perfume enough to spritz it on you? The perfume is actually what is says, one spray will take you on an olfactory journey of fresh and colorful flowers, clear waters, and glistening beaches for you to walk on with delicious fruits to enjoy upon. What else can one ever need? The bottle is amazing and this is one of the amazing perfumes for women in 2014 and also most anticipated in 2014.

Where Victoria Secret is quite famous in other “departments”, their perfumes are also a hit. One of the top perfumes loved by the ladies is Bombshell by this house. With a base of woods and elegant musk this perfume combines peonies, pineapple, red berries, and strawberry to complete the notes. It is a perfume that sticks to your skin and has been a favorite of women every year and will be in 2014 as well. So don’t miss Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret as it is one of the best perfumes for women 2014.

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