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10 Things You May Not Know About Perfumes – Facts

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Why it is that whenever you experience some form of allergy from smells, the first recommendation from the doctor is to avoid perfumes and you can find more about health related issues regarding fragrances here. The same recommendation is offered to pregnant women. However, the fact of the matter is that you should not be let down with these ideas from others. Fragrances are an important part of your life. The more you get used to them, the less is the probability of catching an allergy. Yes, there are some smells that might pose some problems, but not all. The idea here is to develop and hone your knowledge about perfumes. That’s the reason for which this post has been made. Here are the 10 things you might not know about perfumes.
In many countries, perfume making is protected under a special law. The law states that the makers are not bound to reveal the ingredients and chemicals they used in the manufacturing. However, all of them are expected to conduct some pre-testing and research in order to test the efficacy and safety of these smells. So it is clear that you should always make use of branded smells and perfumes to experience the best olfactory experience. The same does not goes for the perfumes that are poorly made.
You might not recognize or feel them, but it is a fact that fragrances are always around you in form or the other. How come? Well, whether it is your lotion, lipstick, shirt, trousers or even your own body, they always give off some form of smells. Research suggests that we aren’t able to detect most of the smells around us primarily because we are too accustomed to them. In other words, our sense of smell has evolved to undermine most of the regular smells. However, the smell of perfumes are designed to be detected as they are not something we have been used through the course of evolution. This explanation has been subject to some criticism, but it is still appealing.

As crazy as it might sound, most of the ingredients used in manufacturing are not subject to testing. We have a lot of useful information regarding perfume ingredients in Perfume FAQs. The perfume making industry makes claims of scientific reviewing and testing but in reality, it is just not within the budget of most companies. An independent organization conducted an analysis of most of the ingredients. Their reports revealed that most of the ingredients used have never been assessed or tested. So much for safe perfumes.
It might sound bizarre, but it has been reported by some sources that a few perfume makers do make use of animal sexual organs. The reason behind this process is obvious i.e. to make the smells more seductive. However, a crackdown was performed against some of these companies as animal abuse is strictly prohibited in many countries.

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6. 1920S
Soon after the WWI, women in Europe and American regions preferred to spray nicotine and tar onto their bodies. They were of the view that men will be more attracted towards them through this smell. Moreover, they believed that it is much safer than smoking cigarettes. Another reason cited by some sources is that it helped women in dealing with the urge of smoking cigarettes. So it can be said that it was all metaphorical in a sense.
There is a special and rare perfume ingredient which happens to be more expensive than gold. It is named ambergris. It is obtained as a by-product from the stomach of a whale. As the animal releases it into the sea, it is oxidized through the rays of sun. The more it is exposed to the sun, the better it becomes for processing purposes. As time passes by, the smell of this ingredient becomes so appealing that perfumes die to get their hands on it. According to one sources, millions of dollars are spent by some of the best perfume makers in the world for the purchase of this ingredient.

Another weird fact is that various animal body parts do help in enhancing the sexual appeal of human bodies. In the past, the use of animal parts was a common practice amongst perfume makers. However, the practice was banned in many countries due to the prevalence of animal protection laws. The theory behind the use of animals as ingredients lies in the fact that their body parts, when processed properly, aid in hiding the unsettling odours from human bodies.
Fragrances are processed to spread through the air and stick to our bodies. It is indeed a source of frustration for all those who sensitive to some smells. No matter who might be the person wearing it, all the people nearby are forced to smell it. No wonder when a smell will be developed that will only be sensed by those who care for it. For those who are allergic of smells, an elevator experience might be enough to let them hate smells.

There are a number of countries and cities in the world which have taken the plunge against banning some fragrances. A number of lawsuits have also been filed in America but with little results. The politics of the fragrance industry is just so complex and powerful that no individual can ensure its downfall. One main reason is the millions and millions of taxes that perfume makers pay to the government.
No matter how hard some people might find it to agree with, there are some smells that cast a positive impact on the mind and to find the best fragrance for yourself, the post we published few weeks back might help you. Have you ever asked the question why some smells, especially the ones from our childhood, influence us positively? It is because they belong to a time when most of used to be happy. The same applies for those fragrances that are smelt during a time of happiness. As our happiness becomes associated with these fragrances, the feeling of bliss accompanies them whenever we get to smell them again. So it can be said that despite of some negative sides of fragrances, there is always a brighter side to look for.

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