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Yves St. Laurent L’homme fragrance/cologne review

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  1. i have bottle of La nuit and i jus bought a bottle of Lhomme but the cap is very light unlike u mentioned its heavy in the video. how do i know if the Lhomme is fake or real?

  2. Please learn how to pronounce the name, or just say YSL.

  3. If you have La Nuit De L'Homme, does it make sense to get L'Homme?

  4. Nice review..  i have YSL l'homme libre it's also great scent..  very longlasting, and La nuit del homme is very nice..  

  5. I brought this cologne in a set of colognes that I brought and it was immediately my lease favorites. It smells too feminine. I would've never brought this if I smelled it in a store, or at the mall…this is a cologne that you have to be careful with.

  6. Good review. Subscribed.

  7. damnn she's hot

  8. Getting Neela's take was good idea, good vido my friend;-)

  9. Neela needs to come back! :) great video

  10. Great stuff guys!

  11. I do 12-14 sprays of this, but I use all my frags as body sprays and perfume as well 😉 Cheers Claus

  12. TST will live forever……Youre right though you can use this for TST ….THE THING IS I ACTUALLY DONT DO TENESSEE ON TUESDAYS WHEN WEARING THIS…….I DO TWENTY. Lol.awesome review bro as always

  13. Awesome fragrance. 

  14. This was a fantastic review man! You did not stumble or seem nervous at all with her around. Seemed so natural together. This was awesome man. Take care buddy

  15. Chad and Neela! Great review, you know I have never smelled this one! What's up with that Lanier?? Yves St. Laurent was a very interesting man and I can remember when he hit it really big in the 70's with his iconic Tuxedo look for women. 
      I like Neela's take about the subtly and classiness of this one. You know for me I often wear a dressy fragrance with blue jeans and a tee…it adds a touch of chic to the shabby. LOL. You were both just so on point on this review! Great. Or as Yves St. Laurent might have said, Perfection en paroles et en pensée.

  16. When I saw that thumbnail I was like, YEAH BUDDY!! My favorite co-host is back. Nice video.

  17. Awesome review Chad, as always. 

  18. Excellent review. Her opinion is a nice and welcoming touch!!!

  19. Nice video, the interaction with someone else during the film makes it very enjoyable. I own YSL La nuit de L'homme. Looking for my second bottle of that house. It maybe L'homme. 

  20. 10 Spray Tuesday. Lol

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