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Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Perfume Review

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  1. Diana Laura Cajiga

    Yves Saint Laurent  <3  Manifesto

  2. alexanderkenniethbam

    Does Black orchid smell like Yves saint laurent manifesto?

  3. HEY! Thanx for watching! I appreciate you commenting, im glad my review helped! and i also appreciate your support <3

  4. NeziNapps akaNezi

    Thanks, Karina! This was an, excellent, review. I'm on Macy's website and I was curious, about, the smell. I love, the wood smell, so, thanks, for explaining, the different, scents.

    BTW. I love, your reply, to yacrazydiamond! Good Job!

  5. yes its a really great perfume! thanx for watching!

  6. I juuust bought this and i loooove it!!!!

  7. Great review! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on this great perfume, its very helpful. We love your take on beauty and would love for you to review our affordable razors for your viewers! Please message us for more info.


  8. Not everyone is going to pronounce French the same way i do my best, bit i def will not be checking the pronunciation of french when i clearly wont be able to pronounce it for you 😉

  9. Sounds like a great perfume great review! xoxo :)

  10. Great review!

  11. thanx so much 😉

  12. Oops! Forgot to say Good job! :)

  13. omg more intense wow this one is already strong cant wait haha 😉

  14. There's a new version coming out! YSL MANIFESTO L'ELIXIR. Supposed to be a stronger, more intense version :)

  15. b/c i bought a small bottle and used half of it by the time i filmed the review

  16. Why does it have so little?

  17. thanxxx

  18. hey i had it loved it but it didnt last


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