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Yves Saint Laurent – L’Homme | Fragrance Review

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  1. thats my alltime everyday/year fragrance … i love it so much ! and for the night its often la nuit de l'homme for me 😉 thanks for the great review !

  2. This is a beautiful fragrance, its such a shame the performance is lacking.
    If this was stronger it would be an absolute masterpiece. Similar story with Gucci PH2 and Dolce & Gabanna The One… :(
    Subscribed 👍

  3. I bought a 6.7 oz of YSL L'homme at Macys a couple years back. I am dissapointed because it just doesn't project on my skin. Not even for an hour. Beautiful fragrance but I heard Hugo 6 smells similar and a bit more potent. So I will give that one a try. 

  4. Great review bro! I 

  5. Good review man! One of my favourite fragrances of all time.

  6. My former signature scent! Gingembre is on my to buy list! Fresher and less sweetness.

  7. Is very nice, But only last 45 minutes, Then is gone with the win.

  8. Two words for YSL L'homme. Fucking Beautiful!!!

  9. One of my favorites…awesome take bro
    I like the way you broke it down

  10. AGentlemansJourney

    Nice take, Adrian. You butchered the shit out of those names. Your French…is terrible :P

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