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Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme Perfume

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  1. Hi Jeremy. The first I smelt La nuit de l'homme, I was going to Sephora to but another fragrance. I liked la nuit a lot and came back dôme dans later to buy it. But since I bought it I keep telling myself that it smells good (I love the dry down but dislike the top notes between) but it doesn't smell at all like what I remember from the tester. The tester reminded me a little of Givenchy play intense but much better. With the bottle I bought I don't feel any vibe of Play intense and overall it smells less good than the tester I smelled thé first time (which they don't have anymore because it was almost empty on the shelf). A few days ago, I read on fragrantica that there was a reformulation and I probable have a reformulated bottle. So, as this ils tour favourite fragrance, I would like to ask you if you have seen any change un thé way the fragrance smell. I know you already have a lot of back up bottles so maybe you haven't smelled the newest batches. If in your opinion there have been a major reformulation then that changed the smell it would be great to have an update of your opinion on this new version to know if we should look for the old one while it's still not top old and there should ne enough stock still available. Thanks, Alexis

  2. I expect a full review of LA NUIT DE L'HOMME L'INTENSE when it comes out

  3. Savyasachi Choudhary

    dude u r fucking rich ..for buying that many bottles

  4. but ermmmm……. NOT EVERYONE WANNA IMPRESS A LADY. majority of the guys that buys off from watching this would be gays. Impress the gays. you dont hv to be one. but work towards your male demographics. Gays are always about being sexy and masculine and sexual. and definitely NOT hesitant to buy a perfume. lmao.

  5. So over-rated, this stuff. For the price, too.

    Have never once got complemented on it. I think most women find it irritating, and so do I.

  6. Great video! so much great content to take away from this video!

  7. wogahboy wogahboy


  8. age group?

  9. what brand is that shirt?

  10. Great fragrance!

  11. Mushfiqur Rahman

    Is Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme good for a high schooler?

  12. QueenofDetroit313

    This is my absolute favorite smell in the whole world, when a man is wearing this OMG. I wish there was a female version.

  13. Sikander Badshah

    Can you please review the ysl l'home sports its my favorite one from ysl. 

  14. What about the Dolce&Gabbana homme. The classic, the firts one? Have you a review related?

  15. so finally I smelled today this La Nuit and the L'homme in my opinion La Nuit is to spicy for me and I will not have bought it even thou it is a god perfume. But I will buy the L'homme that one I really liked.

  16. This is the best and worst cologne I've ever had. And I've had many growing up. The reason it is the best is because of the sweet vanilla almost tiramisu-like smell but in a manly cologne way, obviously. And Jeremy is right, when a girl who is not shy gets a smell of this she will most definitely say something and for me the same girls at work want to come to me just to smell me. It works on lady's. Now the reason it's the worst. Maybe it's just my skin, but on me it doesn't project long, especially in the cold which is where this scent really shines. So I have to put a lot on if I really want good projection. About twice as much as my armani code sport. It's just such a smooth mellow smell that is sooo enjoying you want more. But like I said, when a girl gets a whiff it's game over if you play your cards right and she's not married 

  17. Hallo i am just kind of new to this stuf but i want to know what is the different between eau de toilette  and parfum exactly? is it that eau de toilette stay for around 6 hour's and parfums a bit more? or is there any difference..

  18. I also love this perfume, I have like 5 emptied bottles

  19. I got both L'homme and La Nuit. Both are insanely nice but only problem I have was it last on my skin so short. :( So sad to sell both.

    Great review Jeremy thanks to introduce me the world of fragrances. :)

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