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Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme INTENSE

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  1. Jeremy which one is good the intense than the orginal?

  2. Ivan Cedric Evangelista

    still waitin for ur final review bro

  3. nice review,,
    personally, i love the original…

  4. I just bought a bottle, it's nice but projection almost completely fades away after the first hour stays on the skin nicely and develops to a pleasant mildly spiced smell without being in your face or even standing out much, given its rather high price I wouldn't actually recommend it

  5. Wondering if your done reviewing this fragrance? A lot of people are waiting for the la nuit master to give his opinion.

  6. Where is the final review of La Nuit De L'homme INTENSE ?!

  7. So what are the problems with this one??

  8. i would definately say for this fragrance it is not something to be worn in the cold, when you are warm/hot the scent becomes stronger…but i find it way too subtle a fragrance

  9. u r the best


  11. I love your reaction at 0:400:50 …..Shhiiiittt lmao

  12. Luis Alberto Astorga Cornejo

    L´homme Gingembre review?

  13. Is your review of LA NUIT DE L'HOMME L'INTENSE coming up anytime soon, Jeremy?

  14. Jeremy, what is your opinion on YSL L'Homme Parfum Intense?

  15. Is this different to the EDP (Le Parfum) version? Because i know he has previously said he doesn't like that as much as the original.

  16. final review time?

  17. Can't wait for your review, I've been waiting for this fragrance for months.

  18. haha i love these reviews great to see other people who love a great cologne…;) cheers from denmark…:)

  19. Soooo, YSL thought they can copy Dior with the Iris to lure people in?

  20. Man das ist ein von den besten Parfümen, die ich irgendwann benutzen hatte und ich empfehle das den Männer, die auf eine Frau beeindrücken wollten. Schönes Video!

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