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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Review!

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L'HOMME SPORT YVES SAINT LAURENT by Yves Saint Laurent for MEN EDT SPRAY 3.3 OZ Launched by the design house of Yves Saint Laurent in 2014

List Price: $ 85.00 Price: $ 44.71


  1. This is actually probably my favourite womens perfume at the moment…
    If you like this one you should probably check out Lancome – La Vie Est Belle, similar dark sweet oriental

  2. Cant wait to purchase this! I love the smell of it soooo much. My signature smell at the moment is red door by Elizabeth Arden. Im in love with that too lol.

  3. Maria Halabi (Mariabeauty4arabs)

    If you like this parfume, I'm pretty sure you'll also like Ari from Ariana Grande and Sí from Armani. Lancome's La vie est belle & Hypnose might also work for you! xxx

  4. I just bought this as a belated Christmas gift to myself. 😛 I was a little confused when this came out in the US, too. It seems the L'eau du Toilette came out after the L'eau du parfume? I'm not sure, but I haven't noticed this fragrance in many stores either, I was introduced to it when I got a sample from Nordstroms in October.

  5. First time testing it was with a sample from a magazine and I just thought OMG I NEED IT. I don't always feel that way when I get perfume, but this seriously has been a 100% I. NEED. IT type of buy. Unfortunately my Ulta only had the 0.33oz travel size available but the full size will be a definite buy very soon for me. LOVE the smell so much.

  6. Wow! We are similar. I bought mine in 3.0 fl oz on impulse. Beautiful scent . Any how, great video: informative and interesting. Please check pit my video. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely review hun,, you are very beautiful hun..

  8. love this! I just found out that we'll have it at perfumania soon. so excited

  9. Love your eye make up

  10. Got yourself a new subscriber, love at first sight I guess..?

  11. I love this fragrance.

  12. perfume collection please 😙

  13. Julie 😀 Guess what? I GOT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! 😀 I was a little afraid when I opened the box, not knowing what to expect. But then I thought "That girl bought it too completely blind without smelling it! :-)" Followed by a little voice in my head that said; "Yeah but she is a girl and you're a DUDE! Remember?" Oops, I forgot about that little detail. Naah, actually I never felt like a guy. I always felt like I was from another planet. I call myself a Wo-Man, half man, half woman. But about the perfume, I don't know what I'm smelling, it's a lot of stuff in one. But I like it. It makes me smile when I think of how people are gonna react when they ask "What are you wearing?" And I say; "A 97 euro (=110 USD) women's perfume!" :D

  14. This longhaired Rocker dude wants to smell like coffee and Vanilla too 😀 When I saw the commercial on TV I knew I WANT IT! You think that's weird? Naah, I have some women perfumes in my collection. I wear make-up and nailpolish too. Why not? Men have nails too. It's not a women only thing. And if I like a womens perfume then why can't I wear it, you know? Fuck it! :D

  15. I loveeeeee this scent so much!! However it's pretty pricey for me :( do you know any other perfumes that might be a dupe for this? Or one that might be similar?

  16. Hi, I just smelled this perfume today (in a magazine) and I loved it! I've been wanting to buy Candy and was ready to buy it (currently using Flowerbomb) but after I smelled Black Opium I decided I needed to come look for reviews, I'm so glad I found your review! definitely need it! which do you like better Black Opium or BonBon?

  17. I watched ur review and I go shop to buy …excellent I fall in love with black opium I love mine…

  18. i think Black Opium is a sexy scent. i love mine.

  19. do it more
    Lancome la nuit Tresor is my the one

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