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YSL L’Homme Libre Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. If the guy in the CH men commercial got off his red car and brushed his teeth immediately and walked around= YSL l'homme Libre

  2. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Manny Ramos (BoostMan816)

    Longevity on me it's 8+hrs and projection within 6 feet. 

  4. I love the weeknd music at the beginning of the videos!

  5. Bro you get major props for having The Weeknd on the intro. Your taste in music is up to par with your fragrances!

  6. i would definitely get bleu de chanel…i just love that scent, it lasts for a very long time on my skin and i guarantee you'll get compliments

  7. cant decide between this, l'homme or bleu de chanel…which one of these do you guys like the most/ gets you the most compliments?

  8. Another one of my favorite colognes. I always get compliments from both guys and girls when I wear this.

    I think this is very similar to Bleu de Chanel.

  9. You said it has the best top note of all the flankers!! I noticed that today when I sniffed it. All the way. I thought WTH? It smells better than the others. It is a sleeper for sure! If you put all three on the table and smell them without reading a review you will walk away with this one! Very close to La nuit like you said. Great review. I like it.

  10. Jessica Suastegui

    I watch ur vídeos :)

  11. Went to ulta to pickup nuit. Came home with all three ysl's. Love this one. underrated imo

  12. I like L'Homme but don't own it. Which of the YSL frags do you reccomend for a 16 y/o?

  13. The Birds pt 2. The Weeknd

  14. what is the song on the intro?

  15. Sweet tie.

  16. just got this and its sooo fresh almost too fresh???

  17. this scent is pretty decent i dont know why alot of the reviews dont like it

  18. I think this is a very underrated fragrance. ANyone here willing to sell me theirs?

  19. trade u libre for burberry brit

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