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Womanity review

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  1. You were right! I got zero "fishy" scent, and I could definitely detect where you got the popcorn note in the dry down. While I get the salty note, I do not get an aquatic vibe. For me, that is a good thing. Thank you! Without your review, I wouldn't have braved this masterpiece.

  2. My husband just purchased Womanity for me, based on your review. It better be THAT good. Thanks for the laugh either way.

  3. Good review. Keep 'em coming. I like you.
    Please wear a shirt.

  4. Sorry, sent before I finished.

    I don't get the fishy smell in this at all, I just really love it, its very different and I wished it didn't settle down to something a little standard afterwards. Fig perfumes are awesome!

  5. @AnneLien1987

    I don't

  6. I just stumbled across your videos and I've been watching for over an hour. You're hilarious and you know what you're on about


  8. I thought the bottle looked futuristic.

  9. I just got refills of this and it looks yellowish instead of light pink. Do you think these are fake? Or is that a normal process?

  10. That makes me SO HAPPY!

  11. Why aren't you?

  12. Lmfao dirty pussy

  13. Great review by the way! This is one of my current favourite perfumes.

  14. Oh my gosh! I'm not the only one. When I first smelled this, not knowing what the ingredients were I smelled instantly salty popcorn. I thought for sure it would have popcorn in it. Glad I'm not the only one.

  15. High Carb Whole Foods

    Why dirty pussy? Why not just pussy? I don't care what anyone says, I want to believe that this fragrance is meant to at least evoke the smell of vaginal secretions. I find the ads to be deceptively innocent, and I suspect, deliberately done a certain way to toy with people. They don't explicitly state that "Womanity" is really a cheesy name for the most personal essence of a woman. There is no smell quite like pussy and no perfume quite like Womanity. It's so unique and sexy as hell.

  16. lassmiranda dennsiewillja

    why are you naked

  17. Mariah Carey´s Parfum smells like a dirty pussy because she is one…
    Womanity smells like heaven!

  18. Oh if a dirty pussy would smells like this, I would become a lesbian, so I can lick all the dirty pussies of the world…
    … I love this parfum. I wear it everyday!

  19. Hey m by Mariah Carey is actually somewhat different!

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