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What’s In my Travel Beauty Bag?! | Inthefrow ad

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  1. you're just so cute omg

  2. I love the fact that you used AD thanx for being sincere ♥♥♥ i love your videos you are so classy and gorgous.
    sorry for my english!! love from morocco :)

  3. i love for the skin eye gel pads!!

  4. Rhonda Pancoast

    Thank you I purchased the L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver Shampoo for Grey or White Hair 250ml but I had to order through Amazon because they would not ship to the US. I can't wait to try and thank you for sharing your secret with me.

  5. Night Routine Please BTW ❤U

  6. Pretty Little Logs

    I love watching your videos, you have the best style! I remember another video you did on travel bags showed a Tom Ford suitcase I think it was, and I'm obsessed with it, especially because of the rose gold… Ah, dream!:)

  7. Beauty by Zaynah

    Liked before watching, your videos are always the best 👍🏽

  8. omg Victoria i just had a complete binge on your blog reading like seriously everything! your blog is so professional and i just love it<3xx

  9. summ3rnightfashion

    As always really nice video

  10. The LDN Diaries

    I love the fact you take as many beauty bags as me, I always feel like I take way too much, but it's seriously all essentials!

  11. Hannah Milliken

    You look so glow-y in this video! And that lipstick colour looks amazing on you, I think it's a bit more flattering on your skin when you're a bit more tan! 😊

  12. I REALLY REALLY want that Chanel makeup bag!!!!! <3

  13. can you do another makeup look please xx

  14. HI Victoria! Love your videos so much! Where can I purchase your travel bags from? They are absolutely gorgeous xx

  15. so pretty ! 🙈

  16. Shelby Cofrances

    did you vlog your dallas trip?

  17. how do you have room for everything? quite a lot of these are products are quite bulky! I'm a beauty obssesibe and find I have to streamline loads for travel and I take lots of minis too x

  18. Debra Thomas Eatmon

    Mango flavored YSL :)

  19. Michelle Peiris

    Victoria I can't help eyeing your perfume collection ..could please be kind enough to do a blogpost or even an Instagram post if it's too much for a video showing your most loved , Long lasting and recommend fragrances please ❤️ you look beautiful and I loved the video so much ❤️

  20. Would it possible for you to do a video on what toiletries & makeup to take if you're just taking a carry on bag? It's a real problem with the liquid restrictions!!! X

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