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What I got for Christmas?!? 2013

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Aeropostale Womens Bethany Mota Pullover Sweater 402 XL

  • Style 8006
  • Sweater (Juniors Sizing)
  • Pullover
  • Medium Weight

Brand: Aeropostale
Style Number: 8006
Category: Sweater
Style: Pullover
Country of Manufacture: China
Gender: Womens
Material: 100% Cotton
Occasion: Casual

Item Description:
Cable knit pullover sweater
Wide crew neck
Loose fitting
Long sleeves

List Price: $ 28.00 Price: $ 18.69


  1. Arif Hazara Nejad

    I love DANCEMOMS especially mack z

  2. Rebecca Pendleton

    Love your stocking

  3. Anyone watching in 2016?

  4. My name is Avery and my mom used to work for Scenty

  5. Love this video!

  6. Frozen 😛

  7. where did this beth go? shes not the same

  8. im watching in jan 2016 back off haha

  9. I have that unicorn it still puts me to sleep with the Stars

  10. Who else thinks it sad that people count the minutes and seconds until Christmas days is okay but hours and seconds is saf

  11. OMG I have that perfume!!!!!

  12. whos watching in 2016? lol

  13. I ❤️u

  14. I miss Christmas😞

  15. My aunty has 3 of those scents warmers and all of the scents!

  16. Razara Carrington

    i know what movie that is from frozen

  17. can we just appreciate one direction on the background?!

  18. hey I'm having a giveaway on my channel it would mean the world if anyone would check it out

  19. I love all your stuff !!!

  20. 2016? Anyone? ok just me yep thought so

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