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What Guys Think: Men Rate 3 Popular Perfumes

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  1. Victoria Secret Pure Seduction is so good SO SOO SOOOO GOOD XD

  2. i rate it 0,0,0.
    I am illegeric XDD

  3. It's funny. Most guys would get this sort of thing right. We google and we ask for women's opinions. But I find many women just do their own thing and completely wear too heavy a scent. It is a turn off when I am at a pub smelling women that went for something too sexy. Most men like subtle scent . We don't want to smell you right away. Your hair probably smell great already so don't let the two scents clash into a disaster.

  4. Why are all American women so friggin goofy nowa days?! its like where is the sophistication? listen to her voice then close your eyes and whats the first image that comes to mind? ummmm ok a flock of geese flying over head quacking away to beat the band uuuuugh! Makeup is beautiful, she is beautiful but when she speaks its like QWAAACK QWAAACK QWAAAAAAACK! Ill bet a million she is from California.

  5. Eh, I haven't worn anything from VS in years. I don't see myself going there anytime soon.

  6. hahaaa my bloke loves most of my perfumes, but prada candy-yuck he said its like play doe in smell lool…..he likes armani diamonds on me and si…..

  7. i love watching regular people (meaning non youtubers) in videos. they are so funny.

  8. Most men are not thinking about a woman's attractiveness when they smell a perfume. They are wondering what gross smell they are trying to cover up with that perfume.

  9. Girl….if you're only going to wear the Victoria secret one than give me the other two!!! lol :D

  10. The guys are all just about the same age. Just casual… not interesting. I don't think I care what these guys think about a woman's fragrance. You should have gotten a REAL man's opinion, too…somebody that has a real job, not someone who looks like they might still be in college or works at Starbucks.

  11. for me jasmine rouge no doubt about it

  12. hahahah biggest laugh! funny guys 

  13. awesome video! 

  14. Great video!!! 

  15. Uh no I wear perfume for myself 

  16. Awesome idea Anna Jimenez! Really cool video, all three are great fragrances but in my humble opinion Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge takes the cake, more complex and sophisticated! Checkout my monthly videos I put one out every month for swap/sale… Cheers! -Max =)

  17. I get compliments from both sexes! Like WOW talk about seductive fragrance. I know the bottle is expensive (~$250) so a good way to try it out is to sample it…I got mine here:

  18. Cool video. For me some of the best scents on a woman are Angel (seductive) by Thierry Mugler and Fleur d'Oranger (sophisticated) by Serge Lutens. 

  19. I've smelled all of these and Jasmin Rouge is hot! I also wear it for myself , not just for men . That wouldn't be fun lol . Great video !

  20. Its weird isn't it, I mean I wear it for myself as well, but when I have worn expensive perfume for my partner, nothing, zilch, zero.  Then the other day, I wore a perfume costing £6.00 from Marks & Spencers. It was about one of the first times, in like 15 years, that he said how good I smelt! The problem is, I don't really care for it that much! So I now have to make a decision as to whether I wear something I like myself, or that he likes!!

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