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Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Review

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  • Contains the flavors of white peach, bittersweet red raspberry and bergamot
V. Wang Rock Princess 1.7+2.5+2.5 Women Spray by Vera Wang

Price: $ 80.00


  1. This gives me a major migraine. 😕

  2. It smells like candy omfg I want itttt💜💜💜

  3. My Flowerbomb perfume came in a gold bottle. Is this different ?

  4. This has helped so much! Love your videos! Xx

  5. @kennedy ng I've never smelt the purple one but I have the pink and I really does smell amazinggg

  6. Which one is better the pink color or purple color ?

  7. This fragrance is so beautiful. It's like sugary flowers and sweet patchouli all in one. It's so nice! I don't own it yet, but it's high on my want list. Great video!

  8. lol…you just taught me a word…now i know that "Ephemeral means a short time"…Thanks(;

  9. High Carb Whole Foods

    The name of this fragrance is so misleading to me. It smells like slightly spicy, orange cotton candy. The vanilla smell might be due to the orchid, since vanilla is derived from orchids. This fragrance reminds me of a grownup Pink Sugar (although I prefer Pink Sugar). It's nice, but I think it's a bit overhyped. If it were half the price, I might consider buying it.

  10. just ordered the roller ball of this ♥ soo excited to try it!

  11. I have a sample of it and I like it but I think it's kind of overhyped, I smell this kind of perfume on lots of girls at my school it's not very unique. I personally like the idea of a signature smell, as cheesy as that sounds. But it is sweet and subtle (I don't really get the flower notes either and I smell vanilla too !)

  12. I like this video you sould make a review for the male version, spicebomb, which i have and i love you're great

  13. lol i also had the vanilla-smell and thought i was going mad 😀

  14. i got mine from nordstorms

  15. had that back in 06 the whole collection set..spendy but worth it

  16. mmm my boyfriends getting me this for my birthday and i can't waitttttt:)

  17. This perfume is amazing but I can't bring myself to spend that much on something ephemeral.

  18. I got it on my sweater and I can still smell it even after I've washed it

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