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Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2015: Bombshell Fragrance (Extended Cut)

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Victoria's Secret Dark Angel Eau De Parfum 1.7 fl oz / 50 mL

  • Victoria's Secret Dark Angel Eau De Parfum
  • 50mL / 1.7 floz
  • New in box with cellophane wrap
  • No ordinary Angel.
  • Almond Flower, Mango Nectar, Caramel Latte
No ordinary Angel, this naughty alter ego is ethereal with an edge, blending almond flower, mango nectar and caramel latte in a sweet-meets-sultry bottle.

Price: $ 25.00


  1. In the thumbnail i thought it was Ashley benson

  2. Stella is pretty, just not good for Victoria's Secret

  3. the real bombshell is the man's voice lol bye stella

  4. Can Stella be any more boring ? Snooze fest watching her in this commercial and on the runway 😴

  5. Did you know that this parfume happens to be an excellent mosquito repellent, in a study testing the efficacy of 'natural' mosquito repellents they discovered by accident that this worked much better ;P

  6. Lmao my least favourite out of the 10 new Angels

  7. Never been a fan of her. Always think of her as hideous, old (I don't know why she has a spirit of a grandmother to me) & what's wrong with VS casting director. But she does shine a lot beautifully in this commercial. I'm wowed. Now I know I'm the one wrong.

  8. she got the perfect bitch face

  9. Gigi Hadid is a bombshell

  10. Isabel Navarro Gómez

    Totally love the commercial , its really classy something that we've been missing recently in vs but stella maxwell isn't classy or bombshell

  11. Jenna Double-Oh-One

    I keep imagining this commercial – the voiceover, the colours, the snow, everything – with Adriana in it. And my heart is weeping for what could have been.

  12. I think I wanna cry

  13. Come on VS, you can do better

  14. Tashakee Ledgister

    Haters are gonna hate but let's not forget that anything she is doing is working. She the one with a vs angel contract, she's the one who has walked in the biggest fashion show this year, not you.

  15. Awful commercial

  16. i think stella's soo prettty!!

  17. she's not pretty

  18. she's not pretty

  19. Yes she is lesbian and she's actually dating with Miley Cyrus now ..whatever it is she is bombshell

  20. Another stupid celebrity. Why putting Kardashian, Hadid and Maxwell on VS fashion show? They are known only because of scandals and showing private life to make themselves famous, spending their time on spending lots of money and thinking they deserve attention because of that. Models start their career in age of thirteen, fourteen and work hard years and years trying hard to get on the top while these celebrities can get to VS fashion show in one year and make its campaigns because they are so stupid. My gosh, what is going on with nowadays fashion? I wanna see real models like Adriana, Candice, Behati, Lilly, Taylor, Jac, Elsa, Magdalena and so on, not this fucking stupid celebrities being models because of their foolishness. Is Stella a VS angel because of being in relationship with Miley Cyrus and showing people everyone how naughty are they?

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