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Very Sexy For Him by Victoria`s Secret Cologne/Fragrance Review (2001)

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  1. i need to know which one is better…Very Sexy for Him or Very Sexy for Him 2 ?

  2. Every girl that ive gotten an opinion on this loves it.  Problem?  I need them to be literally on top of me to notice it!  Girls love the smell, problem is it has poor projection and below average longevity

  3. @franciscxo456 You should try Invictus by Paco Rabanne, it's like Jake from Hollister all grown up!

  4. How would you compare this to the other VS products?  Very sexy for him 2 and platinum?

  5. 3 words…. issey miyake dissey

  6. It's a strong cologne in general, its very musky, definitely a winter scent. It is highly citrus, I wouldn't recommend more then 4 sprays.

  7. gangstazombiekilla

    I haven't have a problem with staining on my clothes at all, and I haven't had one girl that didn't compliment me on it. I personally like Very Sexy for him 2 though, however both of them are great.

  8. Hey Marc. Would you be able to look into reviewing a 2012 release Very Sexy Platinum for him? Thanks.

  9. I agree whole heartedly and would have to say save your money and do some fragrance homework because this just simply is not a juice I would suggest to anyone including my teenage boy's. Definite pass on this one.

  10. Can you please do a review of Adidas dynamic pulse?

  11. how bizaare by omc. :)

  12. Does it stain clothes and how long does the smell stay?

  13. this bottle smells really good.. girls go ape shit for dis one…. but it will not last on ur skin….its gone in 2 hours..i bought a small bottle for 30 bucks and i had to spay alot for it to stay… i should of stoled it cuz it was kind of a waste of money…it smells fuckin good but it wont last…..

  14. intro song title?

  15. Francisco albarran ortiz

    jake by hollister is the best

  16. this smells so good but it doesnt last long thats the only thing

  17. The ladies I work with love this cologne. I get a compliment almost everyday…

  18. which would be the best cologne in your opinion, 18 going to college, what do you recomend, to get the girls,

  19. this guy makes me realize, I have to do some more homework on fragrances

  20. YourFragranceGuru

    I had no idea they made a cologne. This is nice and interesting.

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