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Versus Versace Perfume Review!!

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  1. Brenda germanotta

    i nedddd i neddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *-*

  2. Okay! Well thanks for that little piece of info, I'll definitely remember that :)

  3. Im telling you this is because when I was in high school, there was this girl who constantly sprayed perfume between classes for two weeks straight (juicy couture regular to be exact). No one wanted to be by her because she reaked of sweet candy floral and citrus. I came up to her and asked why she thought it was nessessary, and she said the perfume wore off… I told her, trust me it hasn't. gross. Thats why I never bought that juicy perfume, blah grosses me out now.

  4. Most people cant smell perfume on them after a while, but its there. Its like if your house smells, you leave, then you come back later and your hit with a nasty smell when you walk in. Same way with perfume. Thats why farmers have no problem with cow poop smell, they are use to it. Its not because it doesnt last long most of the time. You take your shirt off, put it in laundry, smell it a few days later and it will smell like the perfume.

  5. No its not. Bright crystal still has the nice sexy musky scent to it which is what versace perfume is known for but its not the main note, its floral and feels more like a day scent, but it can transfer to a night scent easily… its very nice. If you want another perfume thats dark like versus, crystal noir is great. Yellow diamond which just came out, but they have not started advertising it yet, is amazing, its floral but a really strange floral scent… its great.

  6. I'm not sure. I haven't smelled or tried that perfume.

  7. is this similar to womens bright crystal?

  8. Thank you so much! I'll definitely keep that in consideration when wearing it where I live as well :)

  9. very good review! I love the fact that you went outside for 3 and a half hours, then you came back and told us what happened! I bought this perfume last month and I really like the start notes but after 15 minutes the patchouli is too strong on me but few days ago I realised it happens in high humidity days. So, I will use Versus only in low humidity condition which is almost impossible in summer here in Buenos Aires :( sorry about my english and, again, very nice review :)

  10. Thank you!

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