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Versace Versense Perfume/Fragrance Review

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  1. what song u used in the beginning?

  2. headlessgirl1394

    Great review and lovely scent! 😀

  3. Thanks A lot dude. I got his for my girl last year. I smelled it and I was like, "OMG apples!" lol. Sometimes I do wear her perfumes. I wear this and Burberry Brit Red.

    Everybody should smell THIS and BURBERRY BRIT RED!!!

    thanks cubby :)

  4. i hate sour scents cahnel allure is one of them i hate for being sour.

  5. Atmosphereification


    Hehe, I was just wondering. Thinking; What? When did Versace come out with this one for men? I must have missed it. Then it dawned on me… :)

  6. @Atmosphereification technically, yes ;P

  7. @grgfourtinas i almost always choose essential :)

  8. Good review as always Cubster. At least notewise this sounds masculine enough with cardamom and woods in the base.

  9. @grgfourtinas they are quite different. Gucci by Gucci sport has a bit of ginger. i will review it VERY soon 😀

  10. Atmosphereification

    This is a womans fragrance?

  11. Great review.

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