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Versace Red Jeans, Fragrance Review

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  1. Hi there, just subscribed. I love the way you describe scents. I absolutely love Red Jeans and I have a VERY difficult time finding perfumes that I love. What do you suggest? Thanks :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I came across your channel while watching perfume collection videos, now I'm a new subbie! I was 14 in '94 too! &!had this perfume so it brings back memories! Haha :) I LOVE your reviews!

  3. is this the 75 ml ?

  4. The moon and stars

    this is my all time favorite perfume and the only one that lasts on me i love it my second favorite is juicy couture. Great review 

  5. ouch110 Fragrance Reviews

    Hi Ashley, not really. I have smelled THAT kind of peach in NafNaf's "Fairy Juice" but in this? It's more fruity, and the other notes blend well with it. It is peachy, but NOT totally candy peachy. It's a little bit hard to describe! haha. It's most definitley not like peach shnapps though. It's different.

  6. when you say senthetic peach do you mean like peach shnobs or peach gummy candy rings???

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