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  1. Thank you Jeremy! Thank you for the analogy!  GREAT review!!!

  2. Tauke Ori Perfumes

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  3. you said this is your 2nd highest compliment get er, but on another review you say CH is your #2 ,,,, soooo which is better?? +Jeremy Fragrance

  4. Nice Review!  Thank you!

  5. Why was this fragrance not in your top 10 most complimented if you praise its compliments so much? Why did Allure Homme Sport Extreme come in #3 on that list if all girls prefer this to that?

  6. I also bought this instead of using other fresh scents. Why? Because I find most guys don't listen to women's opinion, calling this too bland and choosing something more "interesting". When I talk about fragrances with friends, they always start with ,"I think..".
    No it is not how you think…it is how girls like it.

  7. Lex Ellis (Lex Arcaro)

    Fantastic review Jeremy!

  8. Its a nice smell for sure, I can see why girls would like this one.. but the bottle i got the projection and longevity sucks.  But than there are a lot of people who say it lasts 8 or 10 hours on them and it projects.. I am starting to think that they watered down the formulation.. People should start talking about batch codes on reviews.. You can check the date of the fragrance by putting in the batch code in a cosmetic checker.

  9. I have two bottles among wich one is a gift. I DONT LIKE IT AT ALL. period. Nauseating. Just lying in my wardrobe since two years

  10. Chanel AHS got a bit more depth. Versace PH is more shallow. You can spray Chanel AHS more and feel you are not overdoing it but the Versace PH gets nauseating much easier if you spray too much. The Versace is a better buy actually.

  11. Jeremy I like your reviews, but why you always dress like a douchbag from an 80s teen movie

  12. I didn't like this one at all its not sexy manly or interesting. It smells like something you would put on for work in an office 

  13. hello Jeremy! I'm Simon…I would like to know what cologne to choose between Versace pour Homme and Chanel Platinum Egoiste…I am looking for one masculine and better for warm and cold weather…thanks

  14. It smells to me just like Perry Ellis 360.

  15. Out of all I own.. Creeds Tom Ford etc. this is my most complimented. 

  16. Thanks I'm gonna by this Friday,so excited!!! Great Video!!

  17. Given what you say about this fragrance – why did this cologne not make it the most complimented fragrances that you review in another video?

  18. Hi..  lot's of people compare pour homme with Chanel allure homme sport..but they are litle similiar only in the opening,atleast to me  ..  midle notes and drydown are diferent..  i generaly love Versace frag's and have this one  and it is great..   very longlasting (8-10 h)  with nice projection..  

  19. I love the dry down of this juice beautiful and sexy. This is what started it all for me. And for me this was my signature scent. Guys don't let the initial sprays fool you. It can get very potent and will clear a room if over sprayed and/or recently sprayed. Wait for it to dry down, You'll love it!

  20. Hey Jeremy, can you review Bvlgari Soir, I had a lot of compliments with that fragrance, BTW the YSL fragrance is really good, thanks for the advice.

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