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Versace Pour Homme Fragrance/Cologne Review

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  1. I own this i personally thinks it smells lush man the neroli note is amazing !

  2. Fragrance with Steve

    Great review! I had it, and thought it was nice until I stopped wearing it after a couple of times. Not exciting enough I guess. Sold it and never regretted my decision. For anyone looking to just smell nice and gather compliments this might be a good one. Unless you consider Allure Homme Sport which is indeed similar but done better. Lasts longer as well.

  3. Panagiotis Sakellariou

    for me chanel allure homme sport is 100 better than versace pour homme

  4. Echo echo echo…….

  5. Nope… No hate bro… Never… But while I am not the biggest fan of Aquatics (I don't hate them like you do though…) I do really like this one… I like it more then ADG (though not Essenza) and I personally like it more then Chanel's AHS… Thanks for your honesty as always my man… Great job… ^_^

  6. aasheesh chaudhary

    Great Review as always

  7. Thanks for the review Lupe I agree with all you said and yes I fucking hate that cheap smelling frag

  8. This doesn't last longer than 3 hrs on my skin. First bottle i had i got offline ao i thought maybe a fake. So i got another one in Dillards…same thing….3 hrs. 

  9. Look just cause he don't like it yall don't have to get on the same band wagon with him wow. This is a great fragrance last a nice time on me at least 7 hours on my skin. Be your own man don't agree just cause someone else that's popular on YouTube don't like it. Food for thought.

  10. You look very unimpressed with it in the thumbnail hahah. This is one of my dumb-reaches.. or was

  11. I just picked up a 6.7oz.  I get more compliments with VPH than I do with Allure Homme Sport.  I like both! I have no problem using this year round.  I do 7 sprays since the sprayer isn't that great.  2 on each inner arm 3 to the back of the neck.  Last me all morning and lunch time I re-apply with 3 sprays to carry me thru the rest of the work day.  My new 6.7 oz bottle I picked up for $48 shipped from LJshopping.  2014 bottle made in Italy.  Its a compliment getter! This and Dior Homme Sport have been my top summer colognes for 2015.  I have niche that I can reach for too but I save those for special events or when I want to make an impression.

  12. this disappeared from my skin in under an hour and half..no trace was left. Glad I sampled.

  13. Agreed this is the most generic fragrance of all time. Sold my bottle and unfortunately bought AHSEE

  14. Top Line Fragrances

    I agree with you on this one, I did own a bottle but I sold it on. I like fresh frags (non-salty) but this one was just meaa :( . Great review as always though :) .

  15. Just purchased this and I know exactly what you mean, no complements yet but only wear it when I'm around water or laying out. Although, I love fall/winter fragrances better

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