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Versace Pour Homme by Versace Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. which is the better for summer? Versace eau fraiche or pour homme?

  2. Great Review. Subscribed.

  3. I have this cologne and you are spot on. One of the best reviews about a cologne. I got mine online and was concerned that part of the serial number was cut and something was scratched out on the bottom, but everything agrees with the way the bottle should be. They told me that do this so it can be sold at a much lower price. Any feedback?

  4. I keep smelling the dry down because it reminds of something I have…..
    bleu de chanel light! Just like its color! Light bleu!

  5. I bought this as was intrigued by great reviews but just like Haroon I get really bad Longevity and next to no Sillage :-(
    Sold it after using a couple times anf getting nowhere.
    For those interested I have a Rasasi Blue royale which is very similar and half the price and much better Sillage etc.

  6. Hey man, I would like to hear your opinion on Estée lauder's intuition for men. I've yet to come across a review on that cologne. Your input would be appreciated, thanks.

  7. Versace pour homme has a terrific smell but for me the longevity is poor it fades after 2/3 hours

  8. How do you feel about buying colognes (new testers) from ebay?
    Are they old stock that wont smell as good or even knock offs?

  9. I bought this, 3.4 oz for 39.99 on FragrenceNet.com.  I'm 16 so I hope it works on my age group.

  10. Great review, very comprehensive and helpful. Thanks a lot.

  11. i've had this for several years now and it works great in a tropical environment.   the question is does it lose its potency w/ age even if its kept in a dark corner of my closet?   

  12. Which colognes do you know that have a good sprayer?

  13. 1) Could be this fragrance a Clubbing Scent ?
    2) Versace Pour Homme Vs. Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme ?

  14. Could you please review versace oud noir amazing fragrance 10/10 thanks.

  15. Versacetility: A+

  16. Best reviews on fragrances. Any fragrance that I am interested in has to be reviewed by you and never fails. You also educate me in the fragrance appreciation aspect. Keep it up!

  17. I was not expecting such a comprehensive review video for a fragrance. I was expecting a very basic video, "smells really good" but was blown away by the quality and professionalism in this review. I am subscribing for sure. Glad I found you.

  18. It tastes pretty good too! VERSACE BITCH!

  19. I know mine ain't fake frangrence net is authorized

  20. I got a 1 oz on fragrencenet.com for 31.00 dollars shipping included can't wait for it to arrive just hope it still smells alright

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