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Vera Wang: The Unfollowers

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  1. HaseenaB hbinfinity

    Vera Wang is a wise woman who is respected by the masses, not just those in the fashion industry. In this short video she shows her wisdom and shares some vital lessons that we should all encompass in our lives. Through dedication, hard work, passion, relentless drive and a steadfast vision ahead of her she has created an empire in the fashion industry. My respect for her goes far deeper, and I honor her as a woman, as a creator, as an entrepreneur and much much more. By living by her own values and doing what it takes she has created opportunities for herself, I know she has counted herself lucky for her early opportunities as she shows great humility. But I believe that it was and still is her beautiful soul, passion and hard work that has gotten her everything she has today.
    When you share the same vision and have the same values you are drawn to them. Farfectch has caught my eye and I find that I resonate quite strongly with the powerful vision that you have created. The Unfollowers…..I have found that my own life has always been being an 'Unfollower'……and that is actually an empowering person to be. I certainly want to collaborate.

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