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Vera Wang Interview | In the Studio | The New York Times

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  1. how much does the pretty model get paid to just stand there? :)

  2. Its ok vera wang your rich stop stressing.

  3. I think she must have lingual braces. They are the kind that are placed behind the teeth and yes, they do cause a bit of a lisp. I have them now and I am very self conscious about them. I do not think Vera needs to be reminded of them.
    I love her bridal wear. Vera came from an extremely privileged background, but she wanted to make it on her own. She is a great woman.

  4. She sounds different from how she used to. I think she might have dentures or some kind of mouth/tooth plate or something? Something is off about the way she's talking. She almost lisp'y, which she never did before.

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  6. Never got her appeal.   Neat lady.  But talented?   She's a neurotic mess, God love her.

  7. what happened to her face? did she had accident before?

  8. Vera Wang produced a stunning new bridal line but the new commercial on YouTube which aired before watching an art tutorial with my 11 year old niece is atrocious. I hate to say this as I would never assumed the ad to be Vera's but she and her label should be ashamed of themselves for 1. allowing these models in such an unhealthy state not only represent her but to by then force the add until it can be skipped to be viewed by children and young people. Your first clue should have been when the ribs can be seen from behind and handles for hip bones second that maybe just maybe the model selection needed to be revised. I can not and will not support any designer or label who encourage this look and then let our kids, teenagers and young adults see what the best bridal designer in the world thinks you should look like on your wedding day. Can't you sell a healthy look for the young girls to dream on their wedding day?

  9. Beautiful series nytimes

  10. The best part of this video focuses on the personal space that Vera maintains as her refuge. Most people do not appreciate how strongly our surroundings influence our psyches and emotions. Wang is exceptionally tuned into this idea and, to her credit, she insists on a space that is carefully outfitted with a prescribed color and materials palette. That attention to design is a clear designation of intent.

  11. I wish this In the Studio line of videos expanded to ALL designers, Graphic, Architects, Industrial, etc. I love them all!

  12. I love the in the studio series- it's really interesting how a lot of the designers like their own space to be minimal, almost like a blank canvas, so they have the mentality to be creative..

  13. You know she's a great designer by her level of craziness

  14. This is a very demanding job! Bless you Vera!

  15. Wang The Artist

  16. She sounds Cuckoo!!!!

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