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Vera Wang for Men / Fragrance Review

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  • Contains the flavors of white peach, bittersweet red raspberry and bergamot
V. Wang Rock Princess 1.7+2.5+2.5 Women Spray by Vera Wang

Price: $ 80.00


  1. Smells like D&G the one which is why I bought it for $20. Not a bad choice. There are worse smelling cologne that cost much more than this one 

  2. biobele william-west

    Underrated fragrance

  3. Lol I been hit on a couple of times and I had some lady made her friends come and smell me and ask what type of cologne I wear lol.
    I walk in to a gas station and lady comes up to me did any one tell you how good you smell then she called all her friends over to smell me ( I was creep out having people smell me) then they all ask what cologne I wear and is there a women's version. 

  4. 350 bucks.. I spent more on a bottle of cologne

  5. You are silly. Stop bragging about how much you paid for your jeans. They still look like the $14.99 hip-hop jeans sold in the Bronx.

  6. Bradley Whittington

    How many compliments do you get with this fragrance?

  7. this is def an elegant fragrance agee 100 percent and i go for diesel jeans, they are a little cheaper but high quality still.

  8. fuck french man

  9. @rubeo1971
    So did mine. I doubt you know much about France an French people, so stfu you dumbass redneck

  10. Retard comments about France. It is absolutely wrong. I found lots of skilled enthusiast English speakers and I never had any bad feelings. Do not generalize because you had a bad experience, freakin fag.

    Moreover, I can't say the same about my trip in Germany. Excepted Berlin, I found a nation of grumpy countrysiders.

  11. u have Marc's endorsement.

  12. nice jeans

  13. Tried this cologne yesterday at a friends house and now I have to buy it. Smells so so good and lasted on my skin all day… great review =)

  14. you can buy stuff from ebay but you need to be careful, check the code on fragrance bottle to match the box it came wif and depending on country of origin they actually each start with a specific CODE. And like he mention they cant be tooo CHEAP! a fragrance cost 125 RRP sold for 80 is actually good. Thats if you go to expensive Retail.

  15. wow one straight clip, nice

  16. Man, I got pure malt, to be honest, I think the original is way better, unless you like smelling like whiskey, I wouldn't be too worried about not getting this, I actually really want to swap this away.

  17. ya Vera Wang is a great fragrance and very warming too

  18. Yes sir ya nailed this one also.
    It is elegant and perfect for a dinner date. I know im running behind on comments. But im checkn em out and posting.

  19. i dont know what AA is but now its not from their, its just a cheap ass white T that i have, i have like 15 of them they fit so good :) but thanks for the comment brah.

  20. saw a video recommend your page, nice reviews bro! I noticed you said fashion to offtopic here lol but is that t shirt from AA? I've never seen such a cut at most my local shops o.o been thinking about getting some tee's from AA online store.

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