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UPDATED Perfume Collection!

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  1. We seem to have similar tastes in fragrances. I also noticed that you kept referring to 'she/her' when talking about Jo Malone fragrances and I got the impression you thought Jo Malone (the woman) still made their fragrances. Jo Malone doesn't actually work for Jo Malone fragrances anymore. Other perfumers are developing the fragrances now. Estee Lauder bought Jo Malone fragrances in 1999 and Jo Malone (the woman) stayed with them until 2006. She left the company and her contract said she couldn't compete with Estee Lauder for 5yrs (pretty standard agreement). When her 5yrs was up, she made Jo Love fragrances. If you like Jo Malone, check out Jo Loves. They have a boutique in London. However, you can order a fragrance discovery kit where you get a sample of every perfume from their collection. I personally like all of the fragrances in their collection. I own three LOL I own more of them then I do of the Jo Malone line now :)

  2. Do you no longer keep the Jessica Simpson Fancy Love or Vera Wang Lovestruck in your collection?

  3. Eva M (ohheyitseva30)

    its not limited edition ;)

  4. Like the shirt you are wearing!

  5. Michele Entsminger

    I missed the sale at Sephora but the triple points on fragrance and your recommendations lured me in… just ordered the Nirvana Black and Indigo… can't wait! :-) Loved this video. Thanks for sharing 

  6. mix wood sage/salt with nectarine and honey….. love it.

  7. Nataliya Logvinskaya

    Hey Michelle! Wanted to tell you to try the new limited edition Jo Malone in the bigger bottles with pastel bottle covers. They are amazing. Especially love the greenish top one. 😍😍

  8. Michele, you look stunning, loving the hair makeup combo and the pink today! I love the nirvana scents and I am the same as you, I will be buying the black full size soon. I also love burberry brit, and see by chloe as well. I will have to test out the bobbi brown beach to see if I like. My collection is small as well I only want to have what I love.

  9. Will you be sharing a room tour? I am so intrigued by the little snippets we see! 

  10. kaleidoscopicmind5

    Of course I've never heard of nest and after watching you video im seeing/hearing about it everywhere! I can't get over how gorgeous the bottles are. I smelled them all at sephora and of course I wanted them all! 

  11. Feelin Kinda Fancy

    Hey Michele, I love your videos I found them from a recommendation of Rachel Talbott. I  am just starting my YouTube channel and just uploaded my very first video. I would love if you could do a video on how you started your channel and how to grow your channel. Thanks so much

  12. I loved this hair look and smoky eye! Wow!

  13. I'll have to go and smell some of these scents – they all sound so good!! With the body mists (like the bath and body one) I buy the travel spray bottles and put some of the body mist in there so I can put it in my purse!!!

  14. Try Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia; you'll love it.

  15. I did some research on the notes of the perfumes I own to identify what I like. I've seen commonalities in all of the perfumes I own. And, I have a better shot of buying perfumes online.
    I've always said "I'm not a floral person"; guess what "I'm a floral person". I love Lolita Lempika, Flowerbomb, Gucci Guilty, Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia, DKNY Play, mac Turquatic, Hanae Mori, Givenchy Very Irresistible, Miss Dior Cheri. I Iove Joe Malone French Lime Blossom and Peony/Blush Suede also. 

  16. I love u so much 💕

  17. kaleidoscopicmind5

    I'm OBSESSED with nirvana black. I layer it with chanel no 5 it's a very strong distinct scent but I get so many compliments it's not funny. Altho now that we are getting into spring I'm looking for a fruitier scent.

    Also I've been meaning to tell you that I've always thought you were beautiful but I have to say the past year, DEFINITELY past 6 months you've looked so gorgeous it's breath taking! I can't pin point it because everything looks perfect lol but yeah every time I'm like I hate you! You're so pretty! 😛 

  18. Mr Jackers 😄💙🐶

  19. On your recommendation i got the Elizabeth and James black and white, it is AMAZING!!!  Thank you, and thanks for the great video! 

  20. I bought Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit when you showed it in a video a long time ago. I've really enjoyed it.

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