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Unboxing/Review of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Perfume

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  1. Sabrina stop with does bad Words

  2. True tiko

  3. Thanks staphanie Lopez

  4. I want if 20 or 40 my address is 1831mohegan ave 3rd floor my zip code is 10470 so yeah by

  5. OMG can buy that for 40 bucks for all that

  6. I have this perfume .. I don't really like it ?

  7. I saw this at target

  8. Carole Lauren Dane

    This was very informative, thankyou. This video makes me want to go and get the perfume which ill treat myself to at christmas. Just need to get that bag now and body lotion.

  9. did you get the majesty perfume?

  10. It looks like an idol.Thee shall not have no other Gods before me.

  11. Stephanie Lopez Presas

    If anyone is still interested in this perfume Target has it on sale for $10! It is the smaller size but still worth it, its half a fluid oz.

  12. Fuck ! In France we don't have this ! :'(

  13. I would get this but $65 is so expensive!

  14. This is the best review!

  15. Fragrances Plus (SpiraArtOfficial)

    What a perfect box! I love the review vid as well. I love the perfume….it smells so good

  16. xCrazyNails please give me like every thing you have I'll give you 18$

  17. I smelled this at target and I did not like it it was too sweet like candy

  18. you actually sounds like nicki

  19. This one and gaga's are the best perfumes on the market 

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