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unboxing review Jeremy Scott x adidas bones fur ss15

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  1. Im 11 in usa u recommended buy 11.5 :) or just 11 in this shoes . I have the jeremy scott 3.0 I buy in 12 . But wings 2.0 I use 11

  2. ruben garcia esteban

    Dacob please do a review of the wings 2.0 perfume!!!

  3. OMG LOVELY!!! :)

  4. Hey Dacob.
    Question related to the wings 3.0. I usually wear a UK size 11. I remember trying on the 10.5 and they were extremely tight. How do you feel they are on your feet? You think I should get 11 or 11.5?
    Ta muchly.
    Faddy xxx

  5. Spring has sprung with those shoes! ^_^ i really like them.

  6. I gotta have a pair 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Do u have the JS asap Rocky wings?

  8. They are so crazy , the shoes I am currently obsessed with are the wedge sneaker , so these babies will have to wait . They are gorgeous though and will suit you 2 a T Dacob , the fur touch is also very cute :3 I hope you use them a ton and as always love and enrgy  xo

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