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unboxing review Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 perfume x adidas

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  1. Nice review I just got one think this will replace my farenhiete like you I had a nightmare trying to get hold of it but being limited to 10000 world wide I can understand my adidas shop only got a stock of 5 wich is silly being a main liverpool branch 

  2. I've got mine today and seriousky the smell is SOOOO refreshing i was sooo freaking happy to get it ! 

  3. I love the bottle! Love also the way the pepper and the incense worked for you. Great description. Sounds like a perfect scent for those who are rather afraid of big boy perfumes. Bravo Dacob on a fun review.

  4. Dacob it looks BEAUTIFUL I haven't seen it anywhere 😮 and i want it obviously, I want to be twinsies . The review is awesome and I always find the informative .I thought I would give u an update on the wedge sneaker , I have decided to get myself some Reebook 1s and im planing on my own You-Tube channel  as you inspire me xo As always love and energy , keep up the awesome vids xo

  5. Daniela De La Torre

    I'm in love with your vídeos ???

  6. Ok the way you describe these scents… If you ever come up with a perfume, let us know, I would totally buy it :D

  7. This is the equivalent of a glass slipper for those who like comfort ?. Even after the fragrance is gone…it's a cool bottle to display.

  8. Are you Jeremy Scott? until you came along I had never heard of this man, and I often wonder If he Is taking the piss, not that you would of course but….bloody hell. However, looking at this video I now need to go and look up this fragrance, true, but the bloody bottle? like I said, taking the piss. Who the hell Is bleeding Jeremy Scott???

  9. I need this.. can´t find it anywhere

  10. I love perfume reviews…. this is probably what you'd expect from Adidas: a sporty light fragrance. Would like to try it out.
    One question/request: what do you prefer Chanel No.5 EDP or Eau Premiere? Tomorrow I'm going to buy a new perfume and I can't decide between those two.. also please recommend me a few other perfumes.. something you think would suit me (designer ones). Thank you! 

  11. omg the packaging is heaven do you know where i can find it online 

  12. Great review as usual , Dacob! Have to hunt this fragrance down to give it a sniff myself. 

  13. oh it looks great but i guess i can't find it in my country :(

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