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Unboxing Chloe EDP Perfume

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  1. my chloe edp just last within 2 hours, really sad about it.
    Can someone send me photos of the bottom of this one in clear image? Coz mine one the the info carved in the bottom of the bottle is really blur and hardly be seen so i guess it's a fake

  2. *Chloe “The Narrator” Smith*

    The fragrance FOR me! It fits me and my personality just right.

  3. This perfume reminds me with my ex

  4. megskaetta2009able


  5. because they like the smell on it!

  6. I am a chloe fan and i loved it! smells so fresh and clean and lots of people ask me what is my perfume

  7. I LOVE IT !!!

  8. I love this perfume and today i bought my very first bottle…….I like kenzo too :)

  9. What song is this?

  10. decoded!

  11. favourite perfume. and i loveee the fact that the collar is silver plated. 😉

  12. nice hands, very sexy

  13. One of my favorite fragrances, alongside Odeur 53 and Eau de Orange Vert.

  14. i am in love with the perfume, i remember how excited i was when i open my first chloe perfume!

  15. This is my favorite perfume! You should do a review of it when you have the time :o)

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