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Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes Fragrance/Cologne Review (2005)

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  1. smells similar to bvlgari jasmin noir exquise. My wife was gifted with miniatures of the jasmin noir series and among all of those i loved jasmin noir exquise. Though is thot this to be a very mild ladies perfume, i loved wearing it. And i love sur le nil and offcourse your presentation. Thnks!

  2. You do excellent reviews Robes. I will continue to support you. Happy Holidays.

  3. @ Unknown I would check out your local perfume shop or go to a Macy's, Sephora etc smell different types of colognes. That's how I got to know what colognes I would want to buy. I wear The Dreamer too. It is one of my favorites. Just trying to help

  4. I enjoyed watching this video. I really love smelling different fragrances, but it has been difficult for me to make the jump to buying a perfume. I really like natural smells and keep coming back to this one and the Mediterranean version whenever I go to smell perfumes at the mall. I believe the sur le nil is much more versatile for different seasons, although I do think you can wear any perfume during any season– this one would be a nice pick-me-up in the winter!

  5. Very good review!

  6. Awesome review👍

  7. Your the scent god Marc, I love all your reviews.

  8. Oh god… Just got the cologne in the mail… NASTY! Smells too feminine, and now that I think about it I cant even fathom how a woman could like this!

  9. Im 15 too, go for the jardin sur le nil. I can tell ur looking for a more grown up scent like me

  10. Your room also tells you it's green.

  11. after your review i actually went to check it out because i always wanted a mango smelling fragrance but after trying it on paper i didnt smell it but i smelt orange peel and lotus leaf it is refreshing smelling good to me so i bought it :)

  12. Interesting. I havent tried this one however I can say that in heavy thick humid weather in summer, a lot of fragrance do not project or last. Sometimes you need something that is strong projecting fragrance on top notes with a few sprays to cut through the humidity. Similarly like in cold winter, sometimes you need a heavy base fragrance that can project and cut through the cold.

  13. interesting review!

  14. There is so hot in Israel in summer so i think it will be perfect for me
    Thank you for reviewing this one!

  15. Hey robes what's with the cross these days, anything special? Anyways, I agree with your ratings except that the overall rating could be 7 out of 10 for me; the projection and longevity are quite not so good. The dry down reminds me a lot of terre d'Hermes, a lighter one perhaps.

  16. I totally agree with your rates on this one

  17. Welcome back Guru. We missed your awesomeness. I adore Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. Works very well in Australia. This fragrance stings the nose a little which I like. People sometimes cringe at the Top… It's interesting to see their reactions. Thanks for the awesome review. We salute you!!!!

  18. dunno about you but my summers are like 35-45 everyday what would be good one to wear?

  19. I'm a big fan of Hermes and the Jardin line. Sur Le Nil and the new Sur Le Toit are my favorites followed by Mediterranee and then Apres La Mousson.

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