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Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford | Fragrance Review

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  1. James C. Williams

    Just out of curiousity Cody, which fragrance have you rated 10 out of 10?

  2. Coach Leatherware No. 3.  is a good leather frag too.

  3. You should review Amouage Jubilation XXV I am sure you will like it.

  4. IMO even if they say this smells of the drug, you shoudn't be mentioning it in here. There are youngsters who must be on this channel who'd get swooped by your comment to try the drug instead of the perfume lol

  5. Love your reviews. I've gotten several fragrances from your reviews. I ran across a fragrance called Rasasi La Yaquwam, could u review that frgrance {identical to TL}. Also a house called Shay and Blue, would appreciate your view on that house. Thanks inadvance.

  6. Bed in the kitchen?

  7. Nice review I brought the oil from amazon and it smell just like it to me,I only paid 5 bucks,One day I'll be able to buy the real deal

  8. Just received my 5 ml of Tuscan Leather and just had to try it. I sprayed a couple sprays to my wrist and could not believe how weak it smelled. I then tried a couple of the other 5 ml of Patchouli Absolu and Tobacco Vanille I received at the same time. Both of these were excellent and long lasting.
    Then I realized it might have something to do with the fact I was just loading some of my cattle onto the truck about an hour before. Geez, I guess I already smelled like leather and didn't realize it as I never showered before spraying LOL. Just thought I would mention my trials and tribulations of colognes. Laugh for the day.

  9. The Book Incarnate

    I'm very good at imagining scents in my head once I read what the notes are. My prediction of the scent seems freaking fantastic and tremendously strong. More like… a strong smoke scent with a peppery leather that's off the bat noticeable. Probably a very well hidden sweetness where you need to concentrate once the base notes kick in. Am I right?? Correct me if I'm not.

  10. Nice studio apartment.

  11. am guessing people say it smells like cocaine cause tuscan leather is expensive like cocaine, i've never smelled tuscan leather but i can guarantee it doesn't smell like cocaine, if this fragrance smells like cocaine it must smell fucking terrible which obviously it doesn't, cocaine smells like a lady bug (the insect) if you have ever been around a butch of those outside or one has landed on you and left their scent on you. people don't snort cocaine cause it smells or tastes good (actually doesn't taste that bad) but people snort cocaine cause it gets you high

  12. Although I've never done it, I have held bricks of cocaine and can attest that this does smell very close to it. Although if that was never mentioned, this would just smell like the fabulous leather fragrance it is. Have you tried layering this with Tobacco Vanille? I might have to try that!

  13. Tuscan Leather is a masterpiece a true legend among the Aventus's n Jubilation XXV's. Must say though that Clive Christian C for men is Tuscan Leather on shrooms 

  14. I honestly bought a sample bc of Drake lmao..However its the best smelling Cologne ever.

  15. Take a dollar bill out of your wallet. Smell it. That is the smell I associate with cocaine. 

  16. I obtained a sample and am wearing this now.  Surprising as this might be I have to say that I am very underwhelmed.  Glad I didn't blind buy it.

  17. animalic fragrances please!

  18. Smells exactly like leather to me, smoky as well. Best bit is when the raspberry comes through, gorgeous but expensive

  19. Traveon VanBuskirk

    I recently bought a bottle of Tuscan leather and with it I revived a free Travalo.  I was wondering if when i take the spray top off the bottle would it go back on or be broken? 

  20.  cocaine does not smell and does not have a nice taste. it is extremely bitter. so you re wrong in that . however, you re great in what you re doing 😉 keep doing it , and stay away from the Coco (even if you get it for the low low)

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