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tuberose gardenia estee lauder perfume review.

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  1. Did you stop making perfume reviews? My friend bought it at Macy's' as a giftset . It came with a travel size bottle and full size bottle of the tuberose perfume ☺   If u have a Sephora close by u can request up to 3 perfume samples free. In case you didn't know . 😊 

  2. Hi, my friend gifted this perfume to me last yr and it does last a really long time. I sprayed 3 sprays today around 2 pm and close to 10 pm I still smell it on me . I didn't know it was that expensive though lol 

  3. Kay is right – worth every penny. I've been asking for this at the EL counter for a while because they only had the perfume before. I just got my 2nd bottle when they had free stuff. Hope they never take it away – my perfume for now!

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