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Touring Anna Sui’s Colorful Closet

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Anna Sui Loose Face Powder N - Color - Purple Lucent- 200

WHAT IT IS  A loose powder that yields a smooth, moisturized finish. BENEFITS FOR YOU • Hydrating formula. High in amino acids and lipids, the moisturizing formula won't dry out or cake onto skin. • Offers skincare benefits. Horse Chestnut extract tightens skin, prevents irritation, acts as an anti-inflammatory and astringent agent, and promotes blood circulation. • Puts skin in soft focus. Fills in pores and diffuses light, leaving skin with a clear, soft-focus finish. • Long-wearing.

Price: $ 45.00


  1. ASIANS are the only actual Intellects and Artists in any english speaking locale.

  2. Sometimes I end up places in youtube and think 'how did i get here'? I came to this video because I was watching Portlandia clips. I know EXACTYLY how I ended up here.


  4. LOVE ANNA SUI!!!!!!!!

  5. Gabriella Hartono

    Anna Sui!!!!!!

  6. I love these closet videos! Wohoo to anna sui

  7. good gesihn!

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