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Top 5 hot weather citrus/bright fragrances By Boo 2012

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  1. +MOODY BOO REVIEWS – fubar1963 You must try Hotel Costes' fragrance Costes. It smells amazing and I picture you raving over itt

  2. Syed Mehroz Nizami

    nice list Boo ;)

  3. Delicious Delights

    I LOVE citrus smells!  Nice list!

  4. Hi any chance of selling your Tom Ford Neroli Portofino cap?

  5. I seen your review on "under the radar" winter scents. You mentioned that "men can get away with this" <> 1. Lorenzo Siena Palio I believe it was<> Is this a unisex fragrance? Feminite…..Unisex…..Masculine?<>   Also what about Tom Ford Neroli Portofino~is it on the feminite side or in between (unisex)…..Nasomatto Pardon is a scent like a love scene on Avatar….I got compliments (many). Went to a jazz club & this hot bartender (resembles Kelly Rowland) said to me, "can I go home with you please?" ~LOL~ I got alot of free drinks that night!!!! (not driving)  ~Nice review by the way*

  6. MOODY BOO REVIEWS - fubar1963

    Lol, I could smell it a bit on the dry down, but it was so faint I had to get it anyway too! It's lovely stuff!

  7. You know, when you've mentioned the fact that Pampelune smells like cat pee (and I was trying this one out today, because I'm thinking of buying it), I can totally smell the cat pee now!! It actually made me laugh out loud!! hahaha I might still get it though

  8. just keep being you. this place can make a person doubt themselves,… you're fabulous and extremely articulate.

  9. MOODY BOO REVIEWS - fubar1963

    Man Donna, that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Actually choked me up a bit. I needed to hear that I guess. Thanks again! Boo

  10. I can't say you go too far at all, I think you're perfect.

  11. MOODY BOO REVIEWS - fubar1963

    Lol, hail to the felines of the world! I WISH my cat boxes had smelled like Pamplelune! I'd never have cleaned them! Lol, okay maybe I go too far. I'm so glad you like hanging out with me! Thanks for joining in! Boo

  12. OMg I'm so glad domperrier mentioned you tonight, you are amazing! I can't wait to watch all the rest of your videos, I have had both those guerlain allegoria's in my cart at sephora for months and your review convinced me to pull the trigger I know I will love them. and I have cats;)

  13. MOODY BOO REVIEWS - fubar1963

    Lol, hey to my northern neighbor RangeMommy! Sorry about the money thing, lol, I'm going to have to get a second job to keep up with the incredible fragrances already out there and coming out every year!

  14. I'm so glad I found your channel through Domperrier. Love Guerlain Love your suggestions and attitude. You're going to cost me money.
    Greetings from Victoria BC (gotta love the Pacific Northwest!)

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