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Top 5 Favourite Perfumes

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Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia Cologne Spray (Originally Without Box) - 100ml/3.4oz

  • Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia Cologne Spray for Women
  • Size: (3.4 fl. oz.) / 100 ml.
  • Condition: Brand New in Jo Malone Box
  • Fragrance Notes: tuberose, sandalwood, gardenia, incense, cardamom and myrrh
  • This Perfume has been DISCONTINUED by the Manufacturer / Not Available in Stores
A floral fragrance for contemporary women Fresh, clean, smoky, creamy & bewitching Contains notes of tuberose, sandalwood, gardenia, incense, cardamom & myrrh Launched in 2004 Perfect for all occasions

List Price: $ 181.50 Price: $ 369.99


  1. 😃 ohh finally something different than mark jacobs, Britney spears, juicy couture… 🙌.. very interesting taste .. have to try some of them

  2. Great video. excellent choices of perfumes. Could you do a perfume collection video, please? Also wanted to mention that sales people are so stingy with perfume samples all over UK. Perfumes counters offer samples and decants in the US, I am told.

  3. please do more perfume videos!

  4. I love that lip liner!

  5. you just decribed Liz earle so perfectly. Its one of my favorites.

  6. Isabella Peter Blue

    oh my this makes me feel guilty…i NEED to get me some perfumes…and i think ima take ur hints lolzzz!!!!!

  7. Absolutely LOVED your descriptions and how you use scent in setting to the tone for your day. Thank you, Tijan!!

  8. Jasmina Bharwani

    absolutely love your lipstick! you look amazing

  9. That Jo Malone fragrance 😍😍

  10. Secret Style File

    Nice video x

  11. Really informative video, thank you. Would love if you did another video with your mum x

  12. can you do a favorite breakfast places video and maybe collab with Amelia? that would be a very lovely one!

  13. I want to go try the one from Tom Ford. It smells like something I'd love :)

  14. I'm really not that into perfumes, but I loved this video x

  15. your hair and makeup! absolutely love the lip liner…must buy 😁 and wow um no you explained those perfectly, want them all xx

  16. XtraWhitePauline

    You should do more perfume videos, you explain very well and seem to be passionate about it!

  17. I just bought the Tom Ford Noir too! Can't wait to get it in mail.

  18. You did an excellent job describing the fragrances. Makes me want to get them all!!! I adore the smell of any tuberose based perfume so that's the one I'm most drawn to. Thanks for this. Xx

  19. Love the lip liner! looks amazing on you

  20. I think you did a lovely job describing these fragrances! And I agree with you 100% to try a fragrance for yourself because everyone has different ideas on what smells good, plus when it mixes with your body chemistry, fragrances can change… so the same fragrance can smell differently. Well done, Tijan!

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