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Top 5 Creed Fragrances!! I Tag Marc!! (Robes08)

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  1. I´m suprised nobody choise Santal smell.

  2. I think Riverside Drive buy Bond 9

  3. hey Ryan I did not forget just to let you know

  4. Sounds like a good Top 5 for Creed. Erolfa is one of the most Underrated Scents in The World. When I wear Spice and Wood, I put a smidge of Sublime Vanille on a different place on my arm. That sweetens Spice and Wood a little!!! But, Great Creed Lineup!!!

  5. Fragrances are like works of art. Some will have their close to the heart favorites . And others will be scratching their heads wondering what the fuss is about. Those that follow you get it👍👍

  6. Hey Ryan, 
    thanks for putting this video out and continuing the TAG… Great vid and awesome picks, I agree very hard to pick when it comes to CREED… :)

  7. How is original cologne longevity on your skin?  Do you get compliments on it and is it more masculine or feminine?

  8. So many great Creed fragrances.  Enjoyed your video

    Number 1 — Creed Aventus.  Perhaps the ultimate fragrance.  Universally loved.  Great projection, longevity, and smell.  I go through 50 ML of this a year.

    Number 2 – Creed Spice and Wood – Pure class.  Wear this one for important occasions or when you want to feel important.  Instant confidence.

    Number 3 – Creed Tabarome – underrated by the community.  Lasts all day.  Fresh tobacco leaf and ginger.  Great work scent.

    Number 4 — MI – love the smell, not the longevity

    Number 5 –  Royal Oud – prefer Tom Ford's Oud Wood.  So it gets wearings over this.  But a great scent

    Next 5 — 

    Himalaya – has that Creed freshness that I love.  Versatile.

    Erolfa — great aquatic.  This is the niche version of Nautica Voyage.  My weekend day scent.

    Original Vetiver – great for meetings when you don't want to smell like cologne.  A smoother version of Mugler.

    GIT – Like the smell, but reach for others instead of it.  Wear in spring and summer.

    VIW – I like it, but not versatile.  Strictly summer daytime.


    1.  Silver Mountain Water — have samples but rarely wear.  Just not my style.  Prefer on women,

    2.  Pure White – have decant and testing.  First impression is a clean scent, but there are much cheaper scents that do the same thing.

    3.  Jardin D'' Amalfi — like Pure White — just OK , but haven't given it many wearings.

  9. great video bro.  Get your nose on Royal Mayfair AKA Windsor.

  10. I would have done too 10 or 15 or even 20 bro!

  11. Where do you get your decants 

  12. Ryzfragz34,

    Earlier i wrote you about your creed collection. I mistakenly called the kilian fragrance you reviewed *thief of love, when it's actually called "CRIMINAL OF LOVE." My mistake. : )


  13. Awesome video like always !! Himalaya is one of my fav !!thanks Ryan..

  14. Shalom Ryzfrag43,

    I'm a new subcriber to your channel and i must say that of all the fragrance reviewers I've come across,you've the most extensive creeed collection that I've ever seen. You have to work for a fortune 500 company. Lol !

    The way you have your fragrances displayed is very classy and looks well organized. I've a couple creed bottles myself,which are 1.GREEN IRISH TWEED & 2.ROYAL WATER! Great stuff and very pricey,as I'm sure you're well aware. While i probably won't ever acquire as many creed fragrances as you have,there's about 3 more that I'll shoot for in the future,one being aventus & vetiver. That's in the future. As of now, i just ordered a trio of scents i hope I'll not regret purchasing.
    1. She came to stay->Timothy Han.
    2. Endymion-————->Penhaligon.
    3. Chambra Noire.

    Now that ive seen the kilian line you spoke about,while doing your review on *The thief of love fragrance, i just may have to shoot for getting all 4 or 5 bottles in that set. Hahaha! Nice creed review my friend. Looking forward to watching more from you.


  15. It's hard to pick a top 5 lol. Mine change frequently except for # 1.
    1. Original Santal
    2. Royal Oud
    3. Aventus
    4. Millisime Imperial
    5. Erolfa
    Great list bro, would definitely like to see a collection vid. ✌🏻️

  16. Fernando “Andy” Arroyo

    Excellent, Amazing Creed collection!! I'm not totally in the Creed game yet but it sure gives me a stronger push to experience all of them after seeing your review!
    Thanks for posting such a gem!! :)

  17. Really nice video Ryz! I will for sure be giving this house more attention after neglecting them for so long.

  18. my all time personal favourite has got to be virgin island water. it was my very first niche fragrance, a constant staple in my wardrobe (one of the few that i buy repeatedly as soon as it runs out), and it's one that i always bring out come the summer.

  19. Great list! My Sotd is Royal Water. Been wearing it a lot recently along with Vetiver Geranium.

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