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Top 10 Signature / All Season Scents

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  1. thanks my friend

  2. Thankfully, in my country we only have summer and rainy seasons. With temperatures going from 64 to 86. I pretty much can wear almost any perfume at any time.

  3. Man, I love your straightforward, no nonsense format. Keep up the awesome work, Doctor!

  4. I love Chanel Egoiste !

  5. Not looking for a fragrance, but I love that when people hone their talents they can succeed at just about anything. Cool vid!

  6. Ashique Chowdhury

    hey, can you do a review on nikos sculpture!?

  7. Looked like the new school D&G pour home… gota get the original bottle we used to call it Blue, with the paper label Italy made scent. Recently snaped on Ebay bc I was assured the bottle was gonna be the original which is much stronger the newer Uk version is waterd down. Imo.

  8. Le male????….no thanks

  9. madison capalungan

    Hi, I'm looking into getting my first cologne (I'm using a different email than my usual one) I am looking into getting: Gucci Guilty and Polo blue sport fragrance. What colognes would you recommend?

  10. Hi, Cody! As you know, I really love your videos and your opinions. However, I must say I wouldn´t wear Le Male, La Nuit, Cruel Intentions, LDDM, Royal Oud and Oud Wood during hot weather. On the other hand, D600 doesn't´t have the power enough to shine during cold weather (at least on my skin), and Cool Water/GIT and Platinum Egoiste are just too "fresh" for cold weather, also. 

    But hey, to each his own, right? 😀

    Take care, my friend.

  11. I am wearing green Irish T right now. Testing it against cool water. It is only different for the first 30 minutes but it smells the same for the next 9 and a half hours

  12. EGOISTE pronounced  AY-GO-E…great video

  13. Typo.. Miyake

  14. Yes!! That issey mayake smells soo good! 

  15. muhammad mahmud bin jamal syari

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  16. It's too bad I'll never experience anything by Creed. I can't imagine it justifies the price. I don't want to press the trigger and see dollar signs come flying out… 

  17. pierrewoodmanizer

    Really nice vidéo ! First vidéo I see from you, and as a french guy I must say your french accent is pretty terrible ("l'air du désert marocain") but your choices in parfum are great ! This is a great list, even though I think that some of this parfums present too much sweet and therefore can't be use in summer or as an all-year smell. But you sure have an amazing collection sir, with great tastes.

  18. Great review :) Platinum Egoiste – my no.1 for a long time :) 

  19. Syed Mehroz Nizami

    great Vdo… keep doing good work!

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