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Top 10 Fragrances / Colognes by Olivier Polge!

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  1. olivier polge is one of the greatest perfumer out there together with francis kurkdjian. 

  2. Hi, very good video, man. I blind bought Spicebomb last year and it's an awesome fragrance. I also wanted to ask what do you think of Only the Brave by Diesel that is also an Olivier Polge's creation. 

  3. i dont mean to sound blunt but it is atrocious that cuir beluga is not on that list.

    if you havent tried i highly suggest you at least sample it. one of the best from one of the best

  4. Hey man. Awesome work. I'm a big fan!
    I own "The One" by D&G, and I love it!
    Could you try out "Sculpture Homme" by Nikos? Since you like sweet fragrances, you'll probably love it (even though it's a bit synthetic).

  5. This was so interesting! You should do more of these types of videos. I'm going to watch the other one on Annick.

  6. Hi man, i follow your channel (thanks to Mark Robes who mentioned it in one of his videos), and i would like to say you are doing really great, i like your way and your style.
    After i watched this really nice video, i wanna ask about "The One", according to fragrantica, it's not an Olivier Polge fragrance, they mentioned only Stefano Gabbana, so can you confirm that Olivier Polge is behind this fragrance ? is there any other trusted resources that you based on ? 
    thanks dear, and please keep your excellent classy work 

  7. I've seen other videos say the perfumer for Dolce & Gabbana The One is Stefano Gabbana. Not true?

  8. god spicebomb is top shelf stuff IMO! BTW, may I ask how many colognes you've sampled by Polge from which you've constructed this top 10? (I tend to wonder this question for any top X list anyone puts out :P)

  9. Cool vid, Steven!  I loved it!

  10. Uomo is amazing stuff as is DH & MiP which I didn't know is discontinued. 

  11. I hate Invictus. Maybe because eugenol is part of the dental cements I use daily on my patients 😀 Valentino is a rather pleasing fragrance, on the other hand. After watching your video I got myself a sample of Spicebomb. It deserves the 1st place. Very professional review. I do enjoy these Top 10 videos based on the noses behind fragrances. Keep them coming

  12. I loved a tester of Flowerbomb so much I bombed out my bank account… I cannot wait to get my 50ml xx is Jimmy Choo like a watered down version?

  13. Thanks Steven for the review! Lab on Fire fragrances are a must to sample. Thanks again.

  14. Fragrantica incorrectly states that Stefano Gabbana created The One. I'm glad you set the record straight, Steven.

  15. What a great idea to concentrate a video on one nose. One of my favorites noses too! I really enjoyed this. Cheers Steven! 

  16. Sean Winterton (braceface)

    I like these videos :)

  17. I own several. Jimmy Choo is more patchouli on me, with toffee and pear as minor background notes, like it best in very cold weather.  Love the opening on Flowerbomb but the drydown is not good on me, swapped it away.  Like the boozy gourmand opening on Uomo, but it changes completely on me after a few minutes to huge synthetic powdery, never had a fragrance so radically shift into something totally different.  Love Dior Homme and Spicebomb.  Conclusion: Olivier Polge has created some of the best contemporary fragrances.  (also Guerlain Cuir Beluga, and Dior Pure Poison (very sharp orange blossom with huge sillage).

    Had to laugh out loud at the name of that Lab on Fire fragrance. The frags may be simple as you say, but they make up for it in the most bizarre and complex names – that's gotta be niche! since who could remember that long coded string of numbers and letters – it's like a secret handshake.  Props on getting it right the first time. :-)

  18. Awesome list as always… Wow man Olivier Polge sure has made some great scents… ^^ I think out of all of these there was only one that I really didn't care for… Great job Steven… ^^

  19. I've tried Dior Homme (sample) and The One for Men (sold it). I would like to check out MiP EdP before they're all gone. Any Chanel reviews on the horizon?

  20. lol i own everything on that list besides the perfumes and the niche fragrances

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